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Focus: The pirate hunt is on, and not just in the Caribbean!

2 - On the trail of The Buzzard's treasure in La Réunion

The pirate hunt is on, and not just in the Caribbean! © Copyright

The Bourbon Island, famous for vanilla, spices and rougail saucisses (a delicious dish of sausages in a tomato sauce with onions, ginger and several spices, typical of La Réunion) was for a long time a pirate hang-out. Today you can go and meditate by Olivier Levasseur's grave; a true hanged pirate! This famous buccaneer sailed the Indian Ocean at the start of the 18th century on board his ship 'le Victorieux' (the Victorious). Of the booty that he stole from the Viceroy of India (including 5000 pieces of gold, along with the Goan Cross encrusted with precious stones), all that as found was a pistol, a sword, some figurines and a small amount of money. He is said to have hidden his fabulous treasure, whose value is estimated at over £4 billion, somewhere on the island of La Réunion. Something to keep you treasure hunt lovers going! Still to this day researchers and scientists are on the hunt for the prodigious loot preciously stashed away for almost 280 years. Just before his execution the pirate left the crowd who had come to accompany him on his final voyage one last clue. This was in August 1730 in front of the church in Saint-Paul. The Buzzard threw a piece of paper covered with strange coded messages to the spectators, assuring them that it led to his treasure. A puzzle that no on e has since been able to decode! Levasseur is buried in Saint-Paul, a visit to be made on either Friday or Saturday to coincide with the market. Make sure you visit the cemetery by the sea which tells a lot about the island's past. There are of course so many other activities to be enjoyed in La Réunion: diving, flying over the island's volcano, Piton de la Fournaise, a geological stroll over the Cafres plains, or an ecological night sleeping in the treetops.

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