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Focus: The pirate hunt is on, and not just in the Caribbean!

5 - The ghost of Barbarossa in Tunisia

The pirate hunt is on, and not just in the Caribbean! © Copyright

Grand Admiral of the Ottoman Empire, Barbarossa (1476-1546) spread terror in the Mediterranean during the 16th century, hunting down Christian ships from two main ports in Tunis and Djerba, the latter being the main operational base of Turkish pirates. In 1536 he captured Mahon (the capital of Minorca in the Balearics) where he took 6,000 prisoners and a huge amount of booty. Fancy reliving the adventures of the famous and bloodthirsty pirate? Then head for the seaside resort of Yasmine Hammamet in Tunisia and the theme park Carthageland. On board a boat complete with swashing sabres, canon fire and piercing screams you can discover the legendary world of piracy. The park is part of Médina Mediterranea, a magical city dedicated to culture and pleasure, which covers 25 acres. A real open-air museum, the complex was built in homage to Arab-Andalucian culture, with many references to the history of Mediterranean architecture. In Sousse, Port El Kantaoui, Hammamet and Djerba, trips aboard pirate boats are organised with a crew of buccaneers! The most famous boat is the Barbarossa of course which leaves from Monastir and calls at the Kuriat Islands which lie about 11 miles off the coast.

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