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Focus: Top 10 hotel spas that make us swoon

4 - Ayurveda spa, Gozo, Malta

Top 10 hotel spas that make us swoon © Copyright

While many spas claim to practice Ayurveda, few actually have means and the know-how to deliver it. Because Ayurveda is not as simple as giving massages using essential oils. Oh no! To discover what it really entails, it is sufficient to take a tour of a spa. A doctor (trained in Ayurveda) must be present as treatments are prescribed according to the circulation of the nervous influx (energy), more or less active in everyone and which represents a force (dosha) symbolically associated with air, fire or earth mixed with water. If you follow an Ayurveda treatment course, expect poultices to be applied to your stomach and back massages, as your dosha will have highlighted a lazy liver or a blocked up pancreas. However, Ayurveda is particularly recommended for stress or sleeping difficulties, thanks to its 'shirodhara' miracle, which consists of receiving a trickle of lukewarm oil from a recipient which moves back and forth above your forehead. If you'd like to experience Ayurveda treatment a bit closer to home than in its country of origin, India, one of the best places is the Maltese island of Gozo. At the Kempinski San Lawrenz you'll find the only hotel spa offering a real Ayurveda course.

For room prices as well treatment rates contact the hotel at reservations.sanlawrenz@kempinski.com or on +356 22 11 0000.

Photo: Easyvoyage

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