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10 amazing heart-shaped islands and lakes around the world
Posted on 13/07/2019


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Mother Nature never fails to amaze us with its wonders and stunning designs. The heart is the universal symbol of love and can it get more romantic than spending your vacation on a heart-shaped island? For hopeless romantics, maybe not! Looking down on Earth from a bird's perspective you'd be surprised how many places are naturally shaped like a heart. Read on to find out more!

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  • The ultimate romantic destination for your next holiday
    The ultimate romantic destination for your next holiday

    Paris and Venice are the usual romantic travel spots, but if you're looking for something more unique and special this year, you're in the right place. Heart-shaped natural wonders are the perfect destination for a vacation with your loved one, taking the term romantic holiday to the extreme. From the inhabited islands featuring intact nature to scenic lakes all over the globe, find out what are the top ten heart-shaped spots on Earth.

  • 1. Galesnjak, Croatia
    1. Galesnjak, Croatia

    The quintessential heart-shaped island can be found in small but beautiful Croatia. Locally known as the 'Island of Love' or 'Lovers island,' Galesnjak is located in the Pasman channel, between the island of Pasman and the town of Turanj. Even though the island is uninhabited and small in surface, it still captures attention of lovers from all around the world. With no tourist facilities or buildings, just intact nature and olive trees, Galesnjak is the ideal place to enjoy quiet and privacy with your loved one. Since the island is not developed and privately owned, you can't actually spend the night in this quiet paradise, but there are numerous boat tours available!

  • 2. Heart Reef, Australia
    2. Heart Reef, Australia

    One of the most impressive parts of the Great Barrier Reef is its heart-shaped coral. This coral formation is naturally shaped like a heart, and it's often considered Australia's proposal capital. The best way to marvel at this romantic wonder of nature is to take a helicopter ride, where most of the proposals happen. Unfortunately, due to its protected status it's not possible to snorkel or dive around Heart Reef, so the only option remains to book a seaplane or a helicopter tour!

  • 3. Lago di Tom, Switzerland
    3. Lago di Tom, Switzerland

    Surrounded by the majestic Swiss Alps in the Piora Valley, this lake is a good motivation for hiking. The best prize for your workout is this magical heart-shaped lake, creating an ideal romantic setting. Aside from the heart-shaped lake, there are two more stunning lakes in the area worth the visit. Plus, what would a trip to Switzerland be without involving some tasty cheese? In this valley, mouth-watering Alpine cheese is produced locally, so where better to taste it than here?

  • 4. Heart Lake, Kazakhstan
    4. Heart Lake, Kazakhstan

    This lake is located inside Karkaraly National Park in central Kazakhstan. Because of its exceptional and diverse beauty, the park is considered to be a protected area and a true natural treasure of Kazakhstan. The area is mostly famous for its unique rock shapes and peculiar landscape, but this heart lake is also a major attraction. Within the park boundaries you can find several archeological sites, a few lakes and stunning nature all around you, perfect for getting your dose of greenery!