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These destinations are perfect for a November escape
Posted on 07/11/2019

CultureUnited States of America

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November means shorter days and colder weather, which is the perfect excuse to escape and get away from it all. Discover our selection of the ten destinations that you're sure to enjoy in the middle of November.

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  • The 10 best November getaways
    The 10 best November getaways

    This time of year offers a varied range of destinations, each more exciting than the next. From India to Iceland, Italy, Morocco, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, Andalusia, Cuba or Miami, you can't go wrong.

    November brings us a little closer to winter and the cold. What could be better to ease the autumn depression than flying to other horizons? It's also an opportunity to break away from everyday life and enrich oneself by meeting other cultures.

  • Miami, USA
    Miami, USA

    With its exceptional climate (temperatures almost never fall below 20șC) it's possible to lounge on the beach all year round. Miami's shores are among the most beautiful in the world with a cellophane seawater and miles of fine sand. The city is a great place to celebrate anything and everything, as it's known for its hopping nightlife. What is less well known, however, is that Miami is also a city of art with its many galleries and an Art Deco district. In addition, its proximity to the tropical paradise of the Florida Keys is a huge plus for those looking to escape the doldrums of the coming winter.

  • India

    November is one of the best times to discover India. The end of the monsoon season brings on mild and dry weather with the exception of the far north and the southeast coast, which come into their own later on in the year. India is the ideal destination if you are looking for an authentic change of scenery.

  • Morocco

    You could be sunbathing in three and a half hours time if you choose to fly to Morocco. Both temperatures and prices are mild this time of year. It is an ideal destination for small budgets, especially in November. For less than 40 pounds, you can enjoy a night in a splendid hotel smack in the middle of Marrakech. It is also an opportunity to taste traditional Moroccan cuisine: rich in flavour and colour, and always at a low price.

  • Cuba

    Outside the high season, Cuba is a relatively inexpensive and pleasant destination. The country has miles of white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, charming remote towns and the best cigars in the world.