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10 epic places to see in Turkey
Posted on 06/04/2019 , Modified on 12/04/2019


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According to CNN travel, Turkey is among the world's top ten most popular travel destinations, and if you are curious as to why, read on. From Ancient ruins to natural thermal baths, Turkey is the perfect blend of ancient history and natural beauty. Here are 10 of the most epic places to see when in Turkey.

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  • Pamukkale Water Terraces
    Pamukkale Water Terraces

    In the tiny town of Pamukkale, which means cotton castle in Turkish, are some of the world's most spectacular water terraces. These thermal pools can range from anything between 35 C to an astonishing 100 C. They're the perfect natural bath to relax in. These pools are also aesthetically one-of-a-kind, surrounded by limestone cliffs filled with turquoise water.

  • Myra Necropolis
    Myra Necropolis

    Famously known for the ancient Greek town of Myra, some of Turkey's most impressive ruins can be found in Demre. In times past, this town used to be one of the six most important cities of ancient Lycia, a geopolitical region dating back to the records of ancient Egypt. Here you can appreciate the incredible necropolis, which is the tombs of past rulers carved into a hillside! Nearby is also the remains of a Roman amphitheater which still has 35 consecutive rows.

  • Kekova Island
    Kekova Island

    A sunken ancient city sounds like something from a film, however it can be found just off the coast of Antalya in the small island of Kekova. This remote part of Turkey was the birth place of the world's first democratic federation. Geological movements here have caused the city on the island to be submerged so half the city appears to be under water, whilst the other half remains above. To get a closer look, you can travel out by boat or kayak.

  • Termessos

    Those looking for adventure and incredible sights certainly won't be left disappointed by Turkey's Eagle's Nest. The remains of this ancient city can be found on top of the mountain Solymos, Gulluk Dagi. Compared to the other ancient cities, Termessos has a distinctive untouched appearance and a calm atmosphere as it's concealed by pine trees. It is believed that this town was abandoned around 200 CE after an earthquake destroyed the town's water supply. Today, what can be seen are ancient tombs that line the path up to the mountain and an amphitheater from where you can appreciate the stunning beauty of the landscape.

  • Balikli Gol
    Balikli Gol

    Balikli Gol, meaning Fish River in English, has been praised by many visitors for offering a true spiritual experience. According to Muslims, this is where Ibrahim (Abraham) was thrown into the fire by Nimrod. Once he was thrown, it is believed that God turned the flames into water and the burning logs into fish which gives reason to its name. As the carp fish here are considered sacred, there are thousands to be seen and in the Ayn Zeilha Lake nearby. Visitors are even encouraged to feed the fish, and if you happen to see a white carp, it means that your life is blessed!