10 magnificent sights you'll only find in Scotland
Posted on 06/08/2020

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The Highlands, haunted castles, kilts, bagpipes and whisky: that's what springs to mind when we think about Scotland. But it's time we appreciate Scotland's welcoming people, rich culture, and most importantly its many breathtaking landscapes, thought to be amongst the most striking in Europe. Why not take a trip to these 10 enchantingly beautiful and well-hidden landscapes? One thing that is certain, you won't find views like this elsewhere!

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  • Orkney Islands
    Orkney Islands

    The Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland, with their perfectly unspoilt nature and thousand-year-old story, are simply paradise for any traveler looking for a change of scenery!

    And did you know these islands are home to UNESCO-protected archeological remains that are even older than the Egyptian pyramids?

  • Cairngorms National Park
    Cairngorms National Park

    Dominated by the impressive peaks of the Cairngorm mountain range, this spectacular national park has more than enough on offer to please visitors looking for a fresh air adventure!

    And with more than 280 kilometers of hiking and cycling treks, we understand why this park is so popular amongst thrill-seekers. There's nowhere better to check out fascinating fauna, try white water rafting or even skiing!

  • Dunnottar Castle
    Dunnottar Castle

    Perching on a rock and overlooking the entire northeastern coast of Scotland, Dunnottar Castle is undoubtedly one of Scotland's greatest gems. And having been witness to many of Scotland's iconic moments, its history, as well as its breathtaking sunsets make this castle one of the country's most enchanting spots.

  • Galloway Forest Park
    Galloway Forest Park

    Galloway Forest Park, covering woodland in both Dumfries and Galloway, in the south of Scotland, boasts the title of one of the world's best stargazing sites.

    Light pollution is nearly non-existent in this area, meaning it's the perfect place to admire the stars simply with the naked eye. You don't need to be an astronomer to appreciate the magical planets, meteors, stars and other celestial beauties you can spot from here!

  • Shetland Islands
    Shetland Islands

    Boasting a incomparable mix of Scottish and Nordic culture, the Shetland Islands make for a unique holiday opportunity. This untamed archipelago is best known for its pristine beaches, diverse fauna and its Viking past!