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10 most colorful places in Japan to visit this spring
Posted on 05/04/2019


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Spring has sprung! The most favorable season by many has finally arrived and once the sun is out and warm, pleasant weather is here, most of us instantly get itchy feet. One of the best seasons to visit Japan is spring. With cherry blossoms, colorful gardens and flowers blooming everywhere, Japan should be on your spring bucket list for sure. Flower viewing has a long history in Japan and it is so important and popular here they even have a special word for it - Hanami. Discover with our guide the best places to visit in Japan during spring that will make you pack your bags!

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  • Base of Mount Fuji
    Base of Mount Fuji

    One of the most spectacular flower displays in Japan is the fields below famed Mount Fuji. Every year during April and May, these fields turn into a bright pink rhapsody. With majestic Mt Fuji as a backdrop, colorful field with more than 800.000 pink flowers looks breathtaking. These pink flowers are known as shiba-sakura and they're so vibrant you'll love them even more than the famous cherry trees, Japan is so famous for. To celebrate spring and blooming flowers, the annual Fuji Shibazakura Festival is held here for years.

  • Himeji Castle
    Himeji Castle

    Located in the center of town of Himeji, this castle is one of the best places to experience cherry blossom bloom. The Himeji Castle is a world heritage site and dubbed as the most beautiful castle in Japan. Visitors come here to admire the magnificent castle all year round, but during spring the place gets packed with tourists. That's no surprise as the castle grounds are home to large number of sakura trees and when they're in full bloom, the place looks purely magical.

  • Philosopher's Path, Kyoto
    Philosopher's Path, Kyoto

    This 2 kilometer long walking trail is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Kyoto. Lined with more than 500 cherry trees and located along the canal, this place is spectacular in spring. When they're in full bloom these wonderful pink trees create a pink tunnel, creating a fairy-tale sight. This sakura-lined path is considered as the Japan's best location for viewing cherry blossom, so it's definitely bound to amaze you!

  • Hirosaki Castle
    Hirosaki Castle

    Blooming cherry blossoms, striking mountains as a backdrop, blue skies and a castle make the ideal combination for the spring holiday of your dreams. The place has rich history with more than 2.500 pink trees which were planted around the Castle more than 300 hundred years ago. In springtime the Hirosaki Castle and its surrounding park are considered as one of finest sakura spots in the country. The scenery is so stunning here most visitors get literally awed by its beauty.

  • Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park, Hokkaido
    Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park, Hokkaido

    If you though only Netherlands has impressive tulip fields, you thought wrong! Real tulip heaven hides in western Hokkaido near the town of Yubetsu. With 1.2 million of tulips covering the massive seven-hectare field, The Kamiyubetsu Park will blow your mind with its beauty. During the peak season of tulip flowers which is usually in late May, this place looks like a vivid dream world. Every year Tulip Fairs is held here, attracting numerous visitors from all over the globe.



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