10 of the world's most expensive hotels
Posted on 22/09/2017

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For the rich and famous that frequent the world's most luxurious and expensive hotels, money is clearly not a factor. These wealthy individuals simply have no budget and this allows them to stay in some of the grandest five-star hotels on the planet. If you aren't sufficiently well off, it's unlikely you would be able to afford even a night at these luxury abodes, but that doesn't mean you can't entertain the thought. So prepare to become green with envy as you take a look at our list of 10 of the world's most expensive luxury hotels.

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  • The St. Regis, Rome
    The St. Regis, Rome

    The St. Regis Grand Hotel in Rome beckons wealthy travelers in search for some authentic Italian luxury and sophistication from all corners of the globe. A stay in this traditional residence will set you back 2000 euros a night, but it offers a signature butler service, champagne sabering and 5-star Mediterranean cuisine. The effortlessly styled "Ambassador Suite" is their most expensive booking with marble bathrooms and a rich damask interior. The St. Regis may be pricey, but it is perfect for a luxurious break in one of the world's most romantic cities.

  • Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo, Monaco
    Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo, Monaco

    The rich and famous come from all corners of the globe to stay at the luxurious Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo situated in the heart of the wealthy European principality of Monaco. Upon your arrival it's likely that you will pass a fleet of sparkling Lamborghinis and Bentleys lined up outside the entrance. The Hotel Hermitage's most expensive room is a 2 bedroom suite with sea view, overlooking the glistening harbor. The suite will set you back 2610 euros, however for your money you will also get a flawless butler service and a welcome package of flowers, fruit and vintage champagne.

  • Lake Palace, Udaipur
    Lake Palace, Udaipur

    The Taj Lake Palace is located in Udaipur which is often referred to as the "Venice of the East". It is one of the most royal and elegant looking hotels in the world. Lake Palace has attained global fame for being featured in films such as 'Octopussy' and 'The Jewel in The Crown'. For those who can afford it, this palatial residence, which once belonged to a young prince, offers beautiful panoramic views of Lake Pichola. The Shambhu Prakash one bedroom suite with lake view is the hotel's most expensive to reserve at $6000 and with its plush gold interior and exquisite furnishings there really is nowhere else like it in the world!

  • Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel, USA
    Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel, USA

    The Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel is well-known for its commitment to 5-star hospitality, holding the entertainment and enjoyment of its guests at the heart of the hotel's ethos. For society's elite this hotel offers nothing less than luxury and exquisite style. The gorgeous Chairman's Suite is 4075 square feet of impeccable interior design, it features an L-shaped bar, indoor garden and solarium. What's more you have exclusive access to the hotel's iconic casino and extraordinary entertainment events and all this for $6199 a night.

  • The Ritz, London
    The Ritz, London

    As one of London's most famous and iconic hotels, The Ritz is of course the perfect destination for the mega rich. This five star hotel will welcome you with a luxury bottle of champagne on arrival and provide top class butler service throughout your stay. If you book the prestigious and palatial Prince of Wales penthouse suite, you can also benefit from a complimentary airport transfer in the Ritz Rolls-Royce. This lavish traditional penthouse epitomizes five-star luxury and has a £4,300 price tag.


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