Posted on 02/01/2021

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10 once in a lifetime experiences that you won't regret

No matter where in the world you are, there are always unique adventures waiting to happen at every corner - from staying in a capsule hotel in Japan, or going on a hot air balloon in Turkey. If you've got a passion for travel and are in search of interesting experiences that will amaze you, these are 10 things you need to try at least once in your life!

Staying in a Capsule Hotel in Japan

When you visit a capsule hotel, you'd think the future is already here because these hotels resemble the ones we see in the best science fiction movies. This unique and innovative hotel was created in the city of Osaka all the way back in 1979! Instead of traditional rooms, this hotel has tiny cubicles with a mattress and a pillow. There's enough space to lie down and maybe sit upright but you can't do much else - and there's definitely no room to share. Nevertheless, this stay will make you feel like you're living in the year 3000 and it's definitely a must-try. Warning: if you're claustrophobic, you may want to skip on this one. - © James Kelly/123RF

Hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia

This historical region of Turkey has a breathtaking landscape that you can discover aboard a hot air balloon! You'll be floating slowly amongst the clouds, noise-free and surrounded by tranquility. Göreme National Park is the preferred place to go on this ride because of its crumbly earth pyramids, called "fairy chimneys," that rise from the ground. The perfect time to witness this surreal view from above is at dawn. That way you can rise up with the sun and see how it's light completely transforms the ground beneath you. Shades of pink, orange and blue mix together and create the ideal backdrop for this gorgeous place. - © Natala Strandet/123RF

Insect tasting in Thailand

Thailand is nothing without its busy, overcrowded marketplaces that are filled with thousands of hawkers waiting eagerly for their customers. You'll be surprised by the things you will see, but we recommend that you try some of those bizarre treats. You'll see vendors selling crispy crickets, grasshoppers, ants and bamboo caterpillars and those are just for the beginners. For those with a brave heart, and stomach, there are cooked creepy crawlies like spiders and scorpions. These goods are all fried to a crisp which makes it much easier to stomach. How many of these weird foods will you try? - © lanabyko/123RF

Train ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Do you love period dramas or stories that take place in old locomotive trains? Then this experience is tailor made for you. This magnificent train will take you through the Trans-Siberian Railway and it has been active since 1903. The ride starts in Moscow and runs 9289 kilometers east to Vladivostok. If you're going for the full ride, it'll take a week to reach the final destination, however you can get off at any of the 157 stops. The most incredible part about this long train ride is that you'll be travelling through seven different time zones. How amazing! - © Assawin Chomjit/123RF

Getting hitched in Las Vegas

Welcome to the paradise city where almost everything is possible. Las Vegas is home to anyone who is spontaneous and looking to have a crazy time. In the heart of the Nevada desert there are plenty of opportunities for unusual experiences, we can't guarantee that all of them are for you but some are definitely worth your time. You can cruise the artificial canals of the city on a Venetian gondola and if you feel adventurous, you can try your luck with gambling in the casinos. Las Vegas also provides a hassle free experience for lovers who want to make the lifelong commitment to each other. The cherry on the top - Elvis Presely can officiate, well an impersonator of course. If you're not comfortable with making a big decision on the spot, then you can always renew your vows there a couple years later because this is a fun and romantic experience that all couples should have together. - © maridev/123RF

Spend the night in a Loire Valley castle

If you wish to have a fairytale experience, with castles and grand gardens galore, then you've got to visit the Loire Valley. It's known as the garden of the nation because of the splendid nature that surrounds the castles. Although most castles are open for guided tours, a few, like the Beaulieu Castle, will give you the opportunity to stay for the night and sleep like a royal. This is a getaway for anyone who loves luxury, wine and relaxation. For those who want to indulge in a little bit of sports, check out the golf courses that are offered by the Sept Tours. - © freeartist/123RF

Learn to tango in Buenos Aires

There's no other experience in the world that is more Agentinean than dancing the tango on the streets of Buenos Aires. This passionate dance was born in the capital and was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2009. The clubs and squares of the city come to life with tango dancers who move around with elegance and grace. If you want to be more than just a spectator, there are many dance schools in Buenos Aires that offer courses at all levels. So if you're a beginner, take a few classes, find a partner and try out your moves in the most happening areas of the city. - © Ivvan Smuk/123RF

Meditate with monks in Tibet

Tibet is the best destination for those who want to embark on a spiritual journey in the East. There are a plethora of buddhist monasteries that you can visit, and the monks keep the doors wide open for people who want to discover the buddhist way of life. For those who want to dedicate themselves to learning the art of meditation there are many monasteries that will teach you just that. You can take a journey to the Drepung Monastery, the largest in the world or the Rongbuk Monastery that is 5200 metres above sea level for these are two places that practice traditions that are as old as time. - © kadmy/123RF

Whale watching in Iceland

Iceland is an untouched land with a ton of natural wonders to see. The country has incredible ice caves, and tantalizing waterfalls that you can dive tens of metres into, along with geyers that burst into the sky. The location and varying currents make it a sublime destination for cetaceans that are looking for comfortable waters and food to survive. The island's ports have been fully equipped with sustainable whale watching activities providing locals and tourists with the once in a lifetime opportunity to see humpback whales, lesser whales, porpoises and killer whales. You can get to the prime spots if you leave from Reykjavík or the cities in the north like Húsavík or Akureyri. - © Peter Mocsonoky/123RF

Swimming in a cenote in Mexico

Have you ever wanted to swim in the deepest depths of the earth? Well, you can in the cenotes of Mexico. Hidden in the Yucatan Peninsula are caves that are made of limestone and filled with pristine waters that make for a divine swim. These natural pools used to be the only source of water in the jungles of Mexico during the Mayan civilization which made them sacred for the people. The cenotes are accessible through stairs that descend down to the cave and you can enjoy a relaxing swim while looking up at the great blue sky! - © Alessandro Merlo/123RF