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These 10 pictures of Havana will brighten up your day
Posted on 14/07/2019


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Not ready for Monday? Cheer yourself up with these 10 picture-perfect scenes of Havana.

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  • Cuba's colourful capital
    Cuba's colourful capital

    Cuba's wonderfully charming capital city, Havana, is one of the most colourful cities in the world, in body and in spirit. Its beautifully bright houses and friendly faces give it a certain joie-de-vivre that is sure to lift anyone's mood. Here are just a few pictures to brighten your day and give you the travel bug!

  • 1. Electric, bustling streets
    1. Electric, bustling streets

    Street performers can always be found in the streets of Old Havana, the historic city centre. Every October, the city celebrates its Theatre Festival, during which professional performers take to the streets as well as the city's theatres to entertain the public. But if you take a stroll down the streets of Old Havana on any day of the year, you're sure to find something exciting happening, from men on stilts to ladies dancing, immerse yourself in the vibrant Cuban culture.

  • 2. Grand public buildings
    2. Grand public buildings

    Built in the late 1920s, El Capitolio is one of the most famous public buildings in Cuba. The former house of the Cuban Congress, the building fell into disrepair after the 1959 revolution, and has since been renovated and opened to the public. The building also houses Cuba's zero mile marker, from which all other locations in the country are traditionally measured. Entry fees are very affordable, with guided tours around the building.

  • 3. Unusual, thrilling street performances
    3. Unusual, thrilling street performances

    Los Gigantes are a group of dancers on stilts who take to the streets of Old Havana each day. Their performances are so famous that some people will wait in the streets for hours just to see them. As if dancing on stilts wasn't already difficult enough, many of these old streets are cobbled, making the performances not only a dance spectacle, but also an impressive and dangerous balancing act. Los Gigantes' joyfully colourful costumes are bound to lift your mood!

  • 4. Cuban classic cars
    4. Cuban classic cars

    Havana is known worldwide for having mostly restored, classic cars on its streets. This happened after the 1959 revolution, when importing cars and even car parts was banned in Cuba, causing time to virtually stop in the automobile industry. Today, thousands of these original 1950s classic cars are still circulating Cuba, mostly in Havana, and many of them function as taxis.