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10 spots to stop on your roadtrip through the Spanish Basque Country
Posted on 11/11/2018


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The Basque Country with its unique language and distinct culture should be your next Spanish holiday. It's an autonomous community in Spain that is sure to impress you with its stunning visuals, offbeat location, mouth-watering food, and quirky tradition. Hop on to this virtual tour to know more about this exciting, secluded, traveler's paradise.

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  • Zumaia

    The small seaside town of Zumaia will leave you awestruck with its unique rock formations known as "flysch". They are said to be over 100 million years old and are of huge interest to geologists. Once you reach here, you can opt for an organised excursion.

    Surrounded by green mountains and wild rough cliffs, Zumaia can be both adventurous and relaxing at the same time. Its old town, two beaches situated on the flysch, and wide range of restaurants will keep you occupied during your trip.

  • San Sebastian
    San Sebastian

    Just a thirty minute drive along the coast from Zumaia, is San Sebastian. Donastia is the local name for this town lying on the Cantabrian Sea. With its circular bay and white sand beaches, San Sebastian is the place to get a tan. Also, Donastia has the highest concentration of bars in the world.

  • San Sebastian
    San Sebastian

    What makes San Sebastian so special is its finger-licking, delicious food, unique in all of Europe. If you don't believe me then let me tell you, the city alone has 15 Michelin stars for just seven restaurants, which means it has more stars per capita than anywhere else in the world other than Tokyo. Mugaritz and Arzak are ranked at sixth and 17th in the world. Fancy some sumptious pintxos (pictured) and a drink on sunny beach?

  • Hondarribia

    Hondarribia, known as Fuenterrabia in Spanish, is a lively, colorful fishing village in Guipuzcoa province, 30 minutes east of San Sebastian. Its Basque houses with multi-colored wooden balconies are a treat for the eyes. It's a very small town, and is hardly visited by tourist, but it's full of unique Basque aestheics and culture. Its old town is surrounded by a fortified wall, and its cobblestone streets make it easy to explore on foot. And like the great food of San Sebastian, Hondarribia will make your hungry stomach smile after all that walking.

  • Zarautz

    Located nine miles West of San Sebastian is the surfing town of Zarautz. Other than being famous for its waves, it is known for its one-and-a-half-mile-long beach, the longest in the Basque Country. Zarautz is for all the surfers out there, as there aren't rip tides pulling you out to sea. In fact, its waves are famous worldwide. Several surfing championship take place here including the Rip Curl Pro Surf Zarautz Championship in September.


The Basque Country consists of four provinces in Spain (Alava, Vizcaya, Guipuzkoa, and Navarra) and three in France. The Basque language is not related to any other language in the world and it pre-dates the Roman era. Learn some of the Basque words (Hello: Kaixo; Goodbye: Agur; Thank you: Eskerri asko) and be ready to have an immersive Basque experience in Northern Spain.

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