The tiny jewel of South America: 10 reasons to visit Suriname
Posted on 23/03/2019


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When you think of South America, you may think of the colorful Rio de Janeiro, the serene Andean mountains, or the effervescent Buenos Aires. But what about Suriname? From a treasure-filled rainforest to a fascinating cultural medley, the tiny South American country holds many wonders in its pocket-sized territory.

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  • For the pristine flora
    For the pristine flora

    With about 80% of its land surface covered by a tropical rainforest, it is no wonder Suriname's main appeal is its pristine wilderness. Home to multiple nature reserves, including Brownsberg Nature Park and Central Suriname Nature Reserve, the country is serious about protecting its luxuriant flora. The tropical jungle holds many wonders, including waterfalls, rapids, granite domes, and trails offering visitors the unique opportunity to hike among lush, dense greenery which extends as far as the eye can see.

    The breathtaking surrounding beauty is guaranteed to make the pervasive humidity more tolerable, so don't miss out on this amazing nature retreat that could give any other national parks in the world a run for their money.