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10 reasons why you should plan a visit to Corsica
Posted on 14/10/2018 12 shares


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Corsica should be at the top of everyone's wanderlust list this year.

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  • 1. Stunning sights
    1. Stunning sights

    Corisca is full of charming villages and dramatic vistas waiting to be explored. Skip Cinque Terre this year and head to Bonifacio. This village hanging onto the edge of a seaside cliff is just as picturesque without the kitsch and tourist-trap vibe.

  • 2. Sandy beaches
    2. Sandy beaches

    Corsica is in the Mediterranean after all. It's rugged landscape gives way to pristine sandy beaches, and because it's one of the least-visited of all the islands you won't be elbowing anyone out of your way for prime real estate on the sand.

  • 3. Hiking and biking
    3. Hiking and biking

    It's what the island is best known for. The grueling GR20 is a hike across the entire island that takes two weeks to complete in full, but for those looking for something a little less challenging, there are plenty of shorter hikes that are just as stunning. Mountain biking is also a spectacular treat in Corsica.

  • 4. History
    4. History

    Corsica is blessed and cursed with a long, rich history, having changed hands multiple times over the course of centuries. The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte is actually closer to its Italian roots than to France, having only been part of France since 1769. Bonaparte's house in Ajaccio can still be visited, and the island's delightful towns and villages haven't changed much over the years due to the isolated terrain. You'll feel like you're walking through history itself.

  • 5. Culture
    5. Culture

    Although part of France, Corsica is a relatively recent addition, and has always cultivated a fierce independence from the rest of the country. Having been forced to move to the mountainous interior of the island due to environmental problems on the coast, Corsican society evolved around the land and family ties. While very few people speak it nowadays, Corsica also has its own language that's related to Tuscan Italian with many variations and dialects found throughout the island.


When most people think of Corsica, not much comes to mind. But that's all about to change. One of the least-visited island in the Mediterranean has been getting a lot of attention in recent years, and it's easy to see why.

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