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10 reasons why you should visit Turkey
Posted on 28/06/2018


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Turkey is packed with scenic beauty, a glorious past, contemporary art, iconic sites and it's a foodie's paradise.

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  • To revisit history
    To revisit history

    Since the inception of recorded history, Turkey has been invaded from every direction. It is home to some of the most iconic and memorable sites in the world. Ephesus is a biblical city that flourished under the Roman Empire in 10th century BC, Gobekli Temple is the oldest temple predating the stone age and it is an architectural wonder and a historian delight and Aizanoi is a city flooded with relics from Roman rule. Located in Dogubeyazit district is Ishak Pasa Palace, which is one of the rare monuments in the Ottomon style dating back to 11th centuy AD. The Monastery of Sumela is a Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Virgin Mary and it lies on the steep cliffs above the Trabzon forest adorned with beautiful frescos. The Blue Mosque is a majestic Ottoman mosque with its unique six minarets and it was built between 1609-1616. It is an incredible architectural delight that must not be missed. Turkey is filled with historical anecdotes, architectural marvel and a gateway to a glorious past.

  • Visit Grand Bazaar - a shopper's paradise
    Visit Grand Bazaar - a shopper's paradise

    Bazaar means market. The literal menaing of Grand Bazaar is the Grand Market of Turkey. It spans over 333,000 square feet, with more than 3000 shops, making it almost impossible for you to explore it fully. But that should be enough motivation to visit this splendid place immersed in Turkish culture. It is one of the oldest and largest markets in the world dating back to 1455. You will find beautifully carved pottery, carpets, pashminas, scarves and lanterns for sale. What's more, there is a secondhand book market called Sahaflar Çarisis and an Egyptian spice market. Remember, Grand Bazaar is not merely about shopping, it is an unforgettable cultural experience for life.

  • Gorgeous landscapes and wonders of nature
    Gorgeous landscapes and wonders of nature

    Turkey lies on the Anatolian peninsula, surrounded by three seas on three sides- Black Sea in the north, the Mediterranean Sea in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west. By the virtue of its geographical location it has incomparable diversity of natural resources and climate zones. If nature cleanses and reenergizes your soul, then Turkey will provide zillions of options to choose from. For beach lovers, Ölüdeniz, a pebbly beach with a picturesque blue lagoon will be your first option and Kaputas your second. While the first one is a famous tourist spot, the latter is a famous local spot. Kaputas is formed by a gorge that opens into a stretch of sand. Its geography has restricted hotels to flourish, and hence its beauty is well preserved and untouched by development. Pamukkale (translated to Cotton castle in Turkish) is natural blessing for Turkey. It is a natural hot spring flowing down the slope of a small mountain, creating a series of terraced pools with travertine. The site is a white jewel with an everlasting impact. For mountain lovers, Mount Ararat and North Antolian Mountains are yours to discover. Get ready to be smitten by Turkey's gorgeous landscapes.

  • Discover the land of Rumi
    Discover the land of Rumi

    Like any other fans in the world, we too want to visit the place the great icon, Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, has lived in. This one is particularly for poetry enthusiasts out there. If you have read his work and have been moved by it, then visit this Sufi land. Watch a performance by Sufi Melvil (the Whirling Dervishes) in and around the city with a hot cup of çay (Turkish black tea). Find your inspiration in this mystical land of Sufi.

  • It's a gastronomy hub
    It's a gastronomy hub

    This beautiful country offers more than 50 types of Kebab, Kahvalti (a typical Turkish breakfast), sucuk (a spicy sausage), menemen (a traditional Turkish Egg dish), çay (black tea) and baklava (dessert pastry). Once in Turkey, you will be at awe with the sumptuous food that is available, even if you do not conisder yourself to be a foodie. You will come across a range of restaurants, tea shops, spice markets and food vendors that will be difficult to resist. So be prepared to gain some ounces as this historic land is a gastronomy hub.


With a rich, captivating and cultural past, Turkey lies at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Once known as Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman empire, it is one of the most culturally diverse and dynamic countries in the world.