10 spectacular islands you need to add to your bucket list
Posted on 10/09/2020


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We're all in search of a paradise, a place that makes us weak at the knees. Paradise looks different to everyone, but we can all agree that there's something irresistible about a beautiful floating surface in the middle of pristine turquoise waters. An island makes for a perfect getaway no matter what kind of traveller you are. There are hundreds of gorgeous islands, but here are 10 spectacular ones that need to be on your bucket list!

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  • Maldives

    If you want to vacation in style, then head over to the Maldives - the epitome of luxe and relaxation. You have a multitude of island resorts to choose from and island hopping is the best way to go if you want to make the most of your trip. Don't hesitate to explore the almost-transparent waters, for it may be your only chance to see a magnificent whale shark.

  • Palawan, Philippines
    Palawan, Philippines

    What makes an island a true beauty, is the water around it and in Palawan, the crystal clear waters that will hypnotize you. Whether you want to relax on the beach, go for a hike, go diving or get a glimpse of the local culture, you have a lot of experiences to choose from in Palawan. Your holiday would be incomplete without a visit to El Nido, where you can witness the spectacular flora and fauna of the island.

  • Tahiti, French Polynesia
    Tahiti, French Polynesia

    Island getaways are meant to be calm, with no hustle and bustle, and if you choose to vacation in Tahiti, that is exactly what you will get. Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and most of the island remains untouched. If you wish to be mesmerized by towering waterfalls, obscured behind dense jungles, then Tahiti is where you should go.

  • Faroe Islands, Denmark
    Faroe Islands, Denmark

    The Faroe Islands are slightly deviant from all the tropical destinations on the list, but it's paradise nevertheless. In these isolated islands, you'll probably encounter more puffins and sheeps than humans. Void of trees, the volcanic landscapes give it a unique mythical vibe, which will make you feel like you're in the realm of your favourite fantasy movie.

  • Galapagos, Ecuador
    Galapagos, Ecuador

    A visit to the Galapagos will give you an irreplaceable experience. You'll see the islands coming to life, with active volcanoes and ever-changing geological diversity. If you're going to the Galapagos, you are certainly going to witness their novel biodiversity, with iguanas that look like prehistoric creatures and enormous tortoises. There will be amazing wonders waiting for you at every corner.