12 things you probably didn't know about Peru
Posted on 16/06/2019


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Peru is rapidly becoming one of South America's most popular destinations. Whether they be thrill-seekers, history lovers or foodies, each year more and more tourists are heading to this corner of the globe. And Peru has more than enough steep peaks, compelling ancient sites and delectable dishes to satisfy the appetite of each and every one of its visitors. You're bound to be familiar with the colonial cities of Cusco and Lima, as well as the famous Machu Picchu, but do you know of any of these interesting facts about Peru?

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  • Peru boasts the deepest canyon in the world
    Peru boasts the deepest canyon in the world

    America's Grand Canyon most likely springs to mind when you think about the world's largest canyons but Peru is home to a spectacular canyon that is actually twice its depth. Just outside the city of Arequipa sits the impressive Cotahuasi Canyon. Around 3,354 metres deep, this canyon boasts a handful of hiking trails with unforgettable views not to be missed.