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12 months, 12 adventures in Europe
Posted on 11/01/2019


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A new year has begun, and it's time to figure out which destinations are going to be ticked off your wanderlust catalog over the course of the coming months. And the first crucial step of choosing where to go and what to do just got a whole lot easier with this list of European adventures we've curated just for you.

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  • January: Ski in the picturesque Dolomites
    January: Ski in the picturesque Dolomites

    Europe boasts a diverse topography, but the most dazzling geographic element of the Old Continent is probably the Alps. The colossal mountain range, with its iridescent peaks and sweeping valleys, offers grandiose scenery, myriad mountain activities, and an invigorating breeze year-round. Within the Alps themselves there are certain places that stand out, rising above the rest of the snow-capped mountains, and the Dolomites are among these.

    Located in northeastern Italy, the mountain range flaunts a very distinctive silhouette, with the sharp edges, steep slopes, and imposing height of its peaks. The Dolomites offer several world-class ski resorts, set against the backdrop of the mountains' striking, unrivalled beauty. With immaculate slopes, breathtaking vistas, and overpriced refreshments on sun-drenched terraces, you're guaranteed to get the quintessential alpine experience in the Dolomites.

  • February: Warm up and cool down in Sardinia
    February: Warm up and cool down in Sardinia

    Come February, you'll probably be tired of the biting cold, longing for greener, sunnier pastures. Lucky for you, Europe is a versatile continent, whether it is in terms of sights, culture, or climate. In February, southern Europe is slowly warming up, and Sardinia is no exception. The stunning Italian island that feels like a Caribbean islet that drifted all the way to the Mediterranean will welcome you with open arms into its radiant Eden.

    Sardinia really is the perfect destination for a high-end nature retreat. Its azure waters, silky sand, jagged coves, precipitous cliffs, and undulating dunes create a heavenly landscape that lends itself easily to both exploration and relaxation. Step away from the coast and you'll be rewarded with the ravishing beauty of the heartland, which is made up of ancient ruins, dense greenery, sensational canyons, and charming villages where you'll find extravagant festivals and peculiar yet flavorful cheese.

  • March: Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Dublin
    March: Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Dublin

    The small, warmhearted capital is an effervescent cultural and historical center of gravity year-round, but it especially comes alive during Ireland's most boisterous celebration, St. Patrick's day. On March 17th, the city is painted green, pints clink, and joy overflows. But Irish people are party-prone and they usually start the celebrations early, turning a single holiday into a month-long celebration.

    So, get ready to let go of winter and kick off spring in joyful fashion by heading to Dublin. When you're not enjoying colorful street parades, drinking beer in iconic pubs, and singing along to Irish songs you don't even know, take time to explore the city itself, which is brimming with unique treasures. Steeped in history, Dublin can notably flaunt a gritty yet elegant cityscape made of cobblestone lanes, stupendous cathedrals, and rustic medieval castles.

  • April: Meander stylishly in Paris' streets
    April: Meander stylishly in Paris' streets

    Winter is officially over, and what better way to celebrate this renaissance wholeheartedly than by going on a trip to the sublime Paris? In April, as flowers start to bloom and temperatures start to rise, is the perfect time to visit the City of Lights. Paris will not convince everyone, but its charm is guaranteed to wow you no matter how much you (rightfully) complain about waiters' rudeness, the geriatric metro, or the streets' dirtiness.

    Heritage and hedonism are two key words in Paris, which will take you from iconic monuments of great historical importance to a fantastic wine bar in a matter of minutes. As you are constantly surrounded by emblematic sights, you'll get a taste of this expert blend of gripping culture and mellow leisure that defines the city. Sat at a sidewalk cafe, contemplate the quintessentially Parisian beauty around you, and you'll understand why the luminous, brilliant city has earned its moniker.

  • May: Explore the colorful Andalucia during feria season
    May: Explore the colorful Andalucia during feria season

    April and May are very important months in the Spanish calendar, and spring is therefore the best time of year to visit the exquisite, multifaceted southern region of Andalucia. May is notably when you'll be able to experience Seville's feria and Cordoba's Festival of the Crosses and Courtyards Festival. Colorful and boisterous, Andalucia exudes a unique kind of charm in May.

    Processions and parties infuse the delightful Cordoba with a joyous energy as soon as the fifth month of the year begins, while colorful, peaceful patios open their doors to visitors who are looking for some serenity. In the sun-drenched Seville, men and women dress in their ornate traditional costumes and dance the night away, sipping on sangria and indulging in mouth-watering regional delicacies.