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12 of the most beautiful walking holidays
Posted on 13/10/2019


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Do you love walking? Do you love trying something new? Do you love exploring the natural wonders of the world? If so, read on for some inspiration for your next adventure!

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  • Walk this way...
    Walk this way...

    Have you ever considered a walking holiday? Whether you enjoy being active or you're looking for an alternative experience, the world is full of natural wonders for you to explore by foot! From trekking across the Alps to island hopping in Croatia, a walking holiday gives you freedom, a new perspective and the opportunity to explore the most beautiful and remote parts of the world ... here are twelve of them!

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy
    Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Liguria is home to some of Italy's (and the world's!) most stunning coastal towns: Portofino, Cinque Terre, Positano ... the list could go on! There's really no better way to explore Italy's iconic Amalfi coast than walking from town to town and soaking up the sun, sea and scenery along your way. Il Sentiero degli Dei (the Path of the Gods) is a stunning coastal route and an alternative (and much cheaper!) way to experience the beauty of the popular tourist destination of the Amalfi coast!

  • 'Mountains of the Sunset,' Romania
    'Mountains of the Sunset,' Romania

    Romania is home to a diverse range of natural landscapes and is a country steeped in history? a perfect combination for any keen walker! There are three principal mountain ranges in Romania: the Eastern, Southern and Western Cartithians, which together form the second largest mountain range in Europe. Romania is also home to the Danube Delta, a UNESCO biosphere reserve and the point at which the Danube river ends its 1864 mile journey throughout Europe. Whether you want stunning mountains or picturesque pinewood forests, Romania has it all!

  • Tour du Mont Blanc
    Tour du Mont Blanc

    There are many different routes you can choose from when you embark upon your Alpine adventure. The most classic Mont Blanc route takes between 7 and 10 days. It will take you through the mountain ranges of 3 stunning countries (Switzerland, Italy and France), over 106 miles and will show you some of the most breathtaking views of your life.

  • Balkan Peace Trail
    Balkan Peace Trail

    This is another walk that will take you through the mountains of three beautiful countries: Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. The Balkan Peace Trail is a stunning mountain route, whose origins are as beautiful as the walk itself. The trail was created in 1999 at the end of the Kosovo war as a symbol of reconciliation and peace. It has very quickly become a popular route attracting thousands of keen walkers every year!