15 fascinating facts about Greece
Posted on 03/07/2018


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Greece has the biggest economy in Balkans. Wrapped with rich history, artefacts, culture and tradition, this beautiful country is worth visiting at any time of the year. Bet you didn't know the following facts about this exotic country. Have a read to find them out!

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  • The Greeks were the first to use vowels in their alphabet
    The Greeks were the first to use vowels in their alphabet

    Did you know the word alphabet comes from alpha and beta, the first two Greek letters? The Greeks were the first to use vowels over 2500 years ago. There are seven vowels and 24 letters. Interestingly, most of the English letters beginning with 'ph' originates from Greek words along with other many words originating from it.

  • Name Day
    Name Day

    In Greece if anyone is named after a religious saint, he or she celebrates their 'Name Day' on the birth day of that Saint. On this day they will receive 'Happy Name Day' wishes from their friends and family. These lucky people get to have two birthdays a year!

  • The evzones-etand guard
    The evzones-etand guard

    Greece has a famous tomb called the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Here, each soldier stands guard for an hour at a time, three times a day. They are called evzones and they are the elite Greek Soldiers. These guards stand completely still while guarding the tomb until another guard comes to take over. Moreover, the evezones perfectly coordinate their moves during the changing ceremony every hour.

  • The legal requirements of turning 18
    The legal requirements of turning 18

    Once you turn 18 you're required to vote in governmental elections. Moreover, you must also serve in the Greek National Forces for at least one year.

  • Love for Feta cheese
    Love for Feta cheese

    Feta cheese is the national cheese of the country which Greeks eat everyday with almost anything. Interestingly enough, Greeks have left the French behind in the Feta cheese consumption. In other words, Greeks eat more Feta cheese than any other country in the world!