15 National parks around the world to explore this October
Posted on 06/10/2017

NatureUnited Kingdom

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National parks are incredible places. Magnificent, prolific and phenominally beautiful, they offer us a wilderness that gives us a link to our visceral past. Most would go to experience these natural wonders during the Summer, but just now is when so many of the parks transform into a riot of colour, tradition and wildlife. Read on to know which parks are the best to visit this October.

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  • Jiuzhaigou, China
    Jiuzhaigou, China

    It's hard to believe, but this photo hasn't been manipulated in any way. The lake water owes its clarity to large calcium carbonate deposits, which are particular to the area. However, there exists also a more poetic explanation; according to an old Tibetan legend the lakes are actually shards of a heavenly magic mirror. The best time to visit the park is in autumn when the leaves ignite into the bold rusts and turquoises. Colossal frozen waterfalls and the dazzling scenes of early morning steam rising off those lakes that haven't yet frozen is a sight to behold towards the end of autumn. The area is also host to a wealth of flora and fauna, including the giant panda and snub-nosed monkey. Don't forget to test out the local Sichuanese delicacies famed throughout China - especially the mouth-numbing Sichuan pepper.