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Sweet tooth? Try these pastries from around the world!
Posted on 10/09/2019


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Is it really a holiday if you're not overindulging in the delicious cuisine that the city or country has to offer? From France's delectable patisseries, to perhaps some more unusual sweet treats in Japan, tuck into these delicious pastries from all around the world!

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  • Macaron, France
    Macaron, France

    Colourful, delicious, and completely moreish, macarons are one of France's most celebrated dessert. From luxurious salted caramel and rich chocolate, to the more delicate and perfumed flavours of lavender and rose, the variety and scope of this sweet meringue-based treat is endless. To try some for yourself, you can visit one of France's enchanting pâtisseries, the most glamorous of which are the famed Pierre Hermé and Ladurée in Paris. They are such a hit all over the world that there is now even a Macaron Day celebrated on the 20th of March! Make sure to save the date as participating macaron stores will be celebrating by handing out free macarons!

  • Onsdagssnegl, Denmark
    Onsdagssnegl, Denmark

    Denmark is famed for its mouthwatering Danish pastries yet arguably one of its finest creations is the Onsdagssnegl. A staple in the Danish capital, the Onsdagssnegl is an oversized and buttery cinnamon roll, and can be be bought slathered in mouth-watering, creamy frosting. The direct translation for Onsdagssnegl is Wednesday Snail because of the swirls of soft dough and cinnamon sugar. Thanks to its name, you will find that most bakeries in Copenhagen will be serving this delicious pastry on a Wednesday every week. One of the best bakeries to check out in the city for this sweet treat is definitely the Skant Peders Bager in the Latin Quarter - it is the oldest bakery in Copenhagen having opened their doors back in 1632. Head there in the morning to have the best pick from the freshly baked, warm goods!

  • Joulutorttu, Finland
    Joulutorttu, Finland

    A much-loved Christmas tradition in Finland, the joulutorttu is a deliciously flaky ricotta cheese puff pastry in the shape of a star or pinwheel, filled with sticky plum or date jam and finished with a light dusting of powdered sugar. Perfect with a warm mug of mulled wine, joulutorttu is a must-have Finnish festive treat! Outside of Finland, you'll also find that some parts of Sweden also enjoy this delicious pastry during the festive period.

  • Churro, Spain
    Churro, Spain

    Churros, originating from Spain, are deep-fried skinny doughnuts made from only three simple ingredients: flour, water and a pinch of salt. They are often served warm either rolled in plain or cinnamon sugar for a light breakfast or afternoon snack. For the ultimate indulgence, you can order them to come with a rich and luxurious drinking chocolate that is so thick that it feels more like a chocolate soup!

  • Mochi, Japan
    Mochi, Japan

    Mochi are soft traditional Japenese cakes that will appeal to both sweet and savory fans. They have a deliciously chewy texture achieved by pounding on glutinous rice called mochigome. Mochi come in a large variety of flavours but a classic to try are mame daifuku. Mame daifuku are mochi balls stuffed with sweet but salty red bean paste - it's a match made in heaven! You can find this variety at most food or convenience stores around Japan. Near Gokokuji station in Tokyo, however, you will discover lines of people snaking out of the door and waiting to get their hands on the delicious mame daifuku that is sold at Gunrindo. Gunrindo is a long-standing Japanese sweet shop that has been selling their sticky treats for generations - it's a must visit if you're looking for the perfect mochi!