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15 unspoiled islands in Croatia where you can de-stress
Posted on 20/05/2019


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Croatia is a favourite destinations for Brits during summer and that's no surprise as the small Mediterranean country features outstanding natural wonders, picturesque coastal towns and the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. Known as the country of 1,000 islands, Croatia has 1,244 islands to be exact and the majority of them are not well-known at all. Most tourists flock to the most popular islands like Brac and Hvar, but there's so much more to be explored!

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  • Rugged, verdant or deserted: there are so many to choose from
    Rugged, verdant or deserted: there are so many to choose from

    Croatia's coast is dotted with all kinds of islands, all varying in size and scenery. From the small and rugged to those boasting glamorous resorts and age-old historic towns, you would need weeks to explore them all. If you need some holiday inspiration for the upcoming summer, read on and discover 10 hidden islands in Croatia, tailor-made for your next vacation!

  • 1. Rab
    1. Rab

    Located in the Kvarner region on the northern coast of Croatia, the island of Rab is a true gem blessed with the most spectacular beaches. With more than 30 sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea, the island feels like heaven on Earth for people of all ages. And if the miles-long dreamy beaches aren't enough, the old town of Rab is steeped in rich history, dating back to 360 BC. After sunbathing all day, explore the town's old churches, narrow streets and medieval alleys.

  • 2. Mljet
    2. Mljet

    The greenest island in Croatia is the ideal destination for all nature lovers. Unspoiled natural beauty and a laid-back atmosphere are all over this huge island, one of the biggest in the country. The majority of the island's surface is covered with forest, and the northwestern part is protected as a national park. With untouched nature, blissful beaches and cycling trails, everything on this island is about pure nature, tranquility and privacy. If you're looking for a place to unwind and escape the crowds, add Mljet to your travel bucket list!

  • 3. Cres
    3. Cres

    Cres is the largest island in Croatia, but one of the least developed despite its spectacular nature and diverse landscapes. It's the island of contrasts, with lush forests on one side and craggy, dramatic cliffs on the other. It's a real hidden gem as it's sparsely populated compared to other islands of its size. Boasting ancient villages, hidden caves, unspoiled beaches, and camping sites, it's a place you'll probably want to return to as it will steal your heart at first sight.

  • 4. Lokrum
    4. Lokrum

    Located just a 10-minute boat ride from famed Dubrovnik, Lokrum feels like a hidden oasis compared to the crowded city. An ideal day-long escape from the hordes of tourists, Lokrum is bound to amaze everyone. It's renowned for its lush greenery, free-range peacocks, rich history and interesting legends. Nature lovers will find the island's verdant vegetation and botanical gardens irresistable, as it's been declared a special forest and nature reserve.

    History buffs shouldn't miss an opportunity to explore the old monasteries and churches spread around the island, telling some of its most fascinating stories and mysterious legends. As Lokrum was also one of the Game of Thrones filming locations, all fantasy fans should visit the life-sized Iron Throne located in Lokrum's Benedictine Monastery.