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Don't miss these 15 attractions during your visit to Tokyo
Posted on 11/06/2019


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Japan's capital city is a city that never sleeps with countless activities to see and do. It's where the avant-garde and the traditional meet. The city is enormous, so the list of must-see attractions might seem endless. With temples, unusual restaurants and cafes, skyscrapers, zen gardens, and streets that will make you feel like you're in a video game, we've compiled a narrowed list of the best sights and experiences in Tokyo.

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  • Tour the streets wearing an original kimono
    Tour the streets wearing an original kimono

    Always dreamed of strolling the streets of Tokyo wearing a kimono? Your dreams come to life with lots of kimono rental shops, stores and even organized Kimono walking tours.

    If you want to save money, the best option is to rent a kimono for a day at some of the various kimono rental shops around the city. You can rent a nice, quality kimono from £50. It's perfect for taking pictures around the city!

    Bringing home an authentic Japanese kimono is also a beautiful souvenir that you'll have for years to remind you of your trip. From the secondhand kimonos to lavish wedding robes, Tokyo offers variety of choices. Prices for original kimonos start at approximately £350.

    For a full traditional kimono experience, book a guided tour. With the Kimono tour you'll get a fully personalized service. Professionals will do your hair, provide you with authentic accessories and shoes. You can choose from several types of kimonos, from classical ones to even those used on stage by Japanese dancers.

  • Enjoy the cherry blossoms at Yasukuni Shrine
    Enjoy the cherry blossoms at Yasukuni Shrine

    Yasukuni Shrine is one of the most famous shrines in Tokyo, dedicated to more than 2 million Japanese soldiers who died fighting for Japan over the last 150 years. It also houses a very informative war and history museum that's worth visiting.

    Apart from its rich history, this place is a famous site for viewing cherry blossoms during springtime. The shrine has over 500 cherry trees and when they're in full bloom, usually at the end of March, this place looks like a colorful, pink fairytale. It has also been dubbed as the best place to enjoy cherry blossom in all of Tokyo! So if you're traveling in spring, make sure to come here and revel in its magic!

  • Visit the spectacular Robot Restaurant
    Visit the spectacular Robot Restaurant

    One of the most famous and bizarre spots in Tokyo is the Robot Restaurant that combines robots, dancers, dragons, ninjas and much more. Dubbed as the wildest show on earth, this robot cabaret show will quite literally blow your mind. Loud, energetic music is blasting and the neon lights are strobing throughout the entire show. Prepare to be taken to another dimension with this sparkling, colorful 90-minute performance! Even though the show is really stunning, some aren't so impressed with the food. The best advice is come for the show, but dine somewhere else!

  • Tuck into the best sushi, wagyu beef and ramen
    Tuck into the best sushi, wagyu beef and ramen

    Tokyo is definitely a foodie's paradise, with over 160,000 registered restaurants and more than 230 restaurants having one or more Michelin star. Great food is here almost guaranteed. Sushi is a must while visiting Tokyo, whether you're a fan or not. And with the world's biggest fish market, fresh seafood can be found at almost every restaurant. It's paradise for sushi and sashimi lovers!

    Ramen, Japan's iconic noodle soup dish, is also another must-try. While hundreds of varieties can be found all over the country, a Tokyo classic is the shoyu or the soy sauce ramen. From street food ramen to Michelin-starred ramen, whatever you try will surely send your tastebuds reeling.

    Another famous Japanese dish is wagyu beef, domestically produced only in Japan. It is often called the most expensive beef in the world, sometimes over three times as expensive as European beef. But this delicacy is every gourmet's dream, and why not treat yourself with the best during your stay?

  • Admire the Tokyo Tower
    Admire the Tokyo Tower

    When you first see the tower, you'll think you're in Paris, and the design of the Tokyo Tower is actually inspired by the Eiffel Tower. Even though they seem similar at first, the Tokyo tower has its own magic. Rising up to 333 meters, the tower was once the highest building in Japan until 2012. This bright orange radio tower symbolizes the country's recovery after the World War Two. Take the elevator or walk 600 steps to get to the main deck and enjoy the impressive view of the city. For those unafraid of heights, stand on the aptly named lookdown windows and look directly down to the ground, almost 150 meters under your feet.