18 Essential things to do in Thailand
Posted on 09/07/2018 50 shares


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Thailand - this sweet exotic name instantly offers a one-way trip for a change of scenery. The country has quickly become a top destination thanks to its magnificent beaches, cheap tariffs, welcoming locals and its tropical atmosphere and climate. This beautiful nation deserves a visit. Therefore, here's a list of activities not to be missed.

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  • Visit Buddhist temples
    Visit Buddhist temples

    Buddhism is at the core of Thai culture. In this country there are over 40,000 official temples. The Wat Arun and the old temple are in the old city of Ayutthaya, they are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and they are considered to be the most famous.

  • Kayak in Phang Nga Bay
    Kayak in Phang Nga Bay

    Located north-east of Phuket, the Phang Nga Bay, without shadow of a doubt offers one of the most fascinating views of Thailand. The natural caves dug by the sea offer several routes to kayak along and you can admire the beautiful panorama.

  • Chiang Mai jungle trekking
    Chiang Mai jungle trekking

    Chiang Mai is an excellent starting point for a hike. From this province hikers can discover the jungle. They can also ride elephants, navigate peacefully through a river and meet different ethnic groups.

  • Enjoy dream-like beaches
    Enjoy dream-like beaches

    Thailand is renowned worldwide for its superb beaches. Its crystalline waters and its white sand entice tourists. From Long Beach to Koh Lanta and from Phi Phi Don to Kho Phi Phi you're guranteed to find a nice and relaxing beach in Thailand.

  • Parasail

    From a beach or a pontoon, this sport that is usually done with someone else and it offers some breathtaking aerial views.


If you are looking for sun, a change of scenery and breathtaking panoramic views then Thailand is the perfect destination. Do not wait any longer to enjoy the heavenly beaches and an endless supply of Buddhist temples. With temperatures of around 30 degrees celsius, Thailand has become a very popular tourist destination.