20 Best places to retire around the world
Posted on 14/04/2018 8 shares

TipUnited States of America

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You've saved, you've planned and you're now looking forward to your retirement. All you need to do now is decide where exactly you're going to retire. There isn't one 'perfect' spot as everyone has different wants and needs. Check our compilation of 20 different places around the world where you could retire.

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  • Australia

    With endless beaches and a balmy climate Australia is the perfect destination for expats. The nation is famous for its laid-back "no worries" vibe and as an anglophone country this place is obviously perfect for UK and US expats. Its cities are sophisticated, efficiently run and safe. Friendly people, amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery are just some of the many reasons that make Australia one of the most attractive countries on the planet. In addition, the Australian government offers a wide variety of visas. Like many countries nowadays, fast-track permanent residency programs require a high net worth. Expats who lack assets that are high enough to qualify can apply for a visitor visa and renew it as and when needed.

  • Austria

    Austrian culture is diverse, the country is very safe and the official language is German. In Austria it is almost impossible to run out of things to do. The country is abundant in cultural events and it boasts beautiful monuments, museums, art, music and food. In addition, for all you skiiing and snowboarding lovers out there you'd be pleased to know that Austria is the winter sports capital of Europe. Those retiring abroad from the US may be quite happy to know that the climate can be fairly similar in certain regions. There's a variety of residency options for those looking to spend an extended period of time in Austria. However, for non-EU citizens a big requirement that is quite often the biggest impediment is evidence of knowledge of the German language.

  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is an ideal choice if you value a healthy and active lifestyle. It earned the highest scores in the health care, amenities and healthy living categories. What's more, there's no shortage of things to do and see. Costa Rica is particularly attractive to US citizens as the cost of living is much lower than in the United States. The Pensionado Program, designed especially for retirees is available to expats who receive a monthly income of at least 1,000 USD from a pension or retirement fund. The alternative for those who don't have a fixed retirement income that matches this amount is the Rentista Program. However, for this program you must provide a bank guarantee showing income of 2,500 USD per month.

  • Denmark

    The Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world and the world's second most peaceful nation. In this country, figures for worker motivation are very high and this country has one of the world's best welfare systems. However, be aware as taxation is rather high. On the other hand, the money is known to be well spent on making Danish society and lifestyle relaxed and well organized. As an EU citizen you should be able to move freely to this country but otherwise you should do your homework before getting your heart set on this haven on earth.

  • Ecuador

    All year-round Ecuadorian residents enjoy 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness because of the country's location on the equator. This small country, located on the northwest coast of South America, offers many fun and exciting activities. Relaxing on its Pacific coast beaches, hiking in the Andes Mountains and valleys or exploring the Amazon rainforests and Galapagos Islands are just a few of the adventures that this place offers. Like Panama, Ecuador extends a long list of money-saving benefits to expats. These benefits include discounts on your electric and water bills, discounts on entertainment and public transportation and reductions off certain taxes.


Deciding where you will spend your retirement can be the trickier than moving itself. After having travelled a reasonable amount and consequently knowing the beauty of many countries in the world, you still might not know exactly just how realistic or easy the process will be.

We have selected the top destinations, some more expensive than others and some warmer than others. Before getting your heart set on any of the following countries, we have added the prerequisites necessary for living in the respective countries for retirement.