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Experience la vie en rose at one of these 20 pink places
Posted on 22/02/2020


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Vertiginous waterfalls, lost lakes in the middle of deserts, paradisiacal beaches, and monumental architecture: curiosities and wonders abound in this world. But it is possible to make the world even more beautiful by covering it with pink. Seeing life through rose-colored glasses is not just an expression. Some of the landscapes we've presented to you seem surreal and straight out of our imagination. However, these 20 pink places do in fact exist!

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  • 20 pretty in pink places
    20 pretty in pink places

    Sometimes due to a chemical reaction, sometimes due the season, or even simply by man-made design, pink landscapes intrigue and fascinate. They are proof that nature is ever-changing and full of surprises, and of human ingenuity.

    If you keep a checklist of the most surprising places to see before you die, these 20 destinations should certainly be on it. But to see them all, you'll have to organize a real world tour. Stop first in Australia to see its magical lake, and then head to its neighbour, New Zealand to catch a glimpse of its unique plants. Then make a detour to Japan to admire Mount Fuji and the Kawachi Fuji Gardens before heading to Kenya to meet its flashy pink flamingos. Don't forget to squeeze in a visit to North America with Niagara Falls and the Miami sky, or stop in Greece and Spain. It's quite an itinerary! Let us take you there from the comfort of your computer.

  • Lotus Lake, Thailand
    Lotus Lake, Thailand

    Thailand's Lotus Lake almost didn't make the list. It had been almost 10 years since the sacred lotuses of this lake bloomed due to drought. But now the blooms are back again! If you visit to Thailand between December and March, you'll have the chance to admire this lake, which turns pink because of the flowers on its surface. This show is called Talay Buadaeng, or the Sea of Red Lotus.

  • The Lupin Fields of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
    The Lupin Fields of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

    Lake Tekapo's flower shows are known throughout New Zealand and the world. Lupins make the place stand out among all of New Zealand's many other wonders. No other landscape on earth resembles the shores of Lake Tekapo. It's so beautiful and colourful, you will be surprised to learn that lupin is actually a weed! Appearances can be deceiving!

  • Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, United States of America
    Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, United States of America

    This national park is located in the United States, in the heart of Colorado. Here, you'll find the highest dunes in North America, but that's not all. In spring, the national park wears a pink coat when its many flowers bloom.

  • Mount Fuji, Japan
    Mount Fuji, Japan

    Spring is eagerly awaited in Japan. And once you see the beauty of Mother Nature at this time of year, it's easy to understand why. Every year at the foot of Mount Fuji, the Japanese watch the same spectacle, always as beautiful as ever: the blooming of hundreds of thousands of pink flowers. This event has also given birth to a festival that is entirely dedicated to flowers.


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