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20 reasons to choose the mountains this summer
Posted on 15/05/2018 Modified on 18/05/2018

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SamoŽns in Haute-Savoie, Tignes in the Northern Alps, Saint-Lary in the Pyrenees; these are some of the numerous beautiful resorts to take advantage of in the summer. You may be someone who prefers the sea when it comes to this beautiful season, but once you arrive at a sea resort, you may regret choosing large crowds on the beaches and exorbitant prices over the calm mountains. Therefore we have compiled a list of 20 reasons to go to the mountains instead this summer.

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  • Great temperatures
    Great temperatures

    Far from the scorching heat of the seaside, take advantage of the freshness of the mountain. In the edge of forests, the very numerous trees will be your best friends for a well deserved nap after a stroll on the various mountainous paths.

  • Bathe in spectacular places
    Bathe in spectacular places

    You can discover various lakes and rivers to refresh you. A dive in the fresh water, surrounded with cliffs is such a precious feeling that makes us feel at one with nature. There is nothing better than a peaceful holiday.

  • Fresh and pure air
    Fresh and pure air

    Stop inhaling the polluted air of the city and take a fresh breath of mountain air. Open your shutters in the early morning not only to take in the incredible view of the green valley, but to also breath in the fresh air.

  • The price
    The price

    Much cheaper than anything you will be able to find on the coast, the mountains offer services at a lower cost with regards to housing, food and activities.

  • The number of vacationers
    The number of vacationers

    You have to admit, there are much fewer vacationers in the mountains compared to the beach. An opinion of all of those who prefer the peace and the silence; the mountain is "the place to be" this summer.


Usually appreciated in the winter, the mountains are an excellent alternative for your summer holidays. Mountain resorts are not only booked up in the winter; they are becoming increasingly popular to venture out to in the summer. Read our article on 20 reasons to choose the mountains this summer to be convinced!