20 secret islands in Europe you might not have heard of
Posted on 09/06/2019


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To get away from it all this summer and recharge your batteries in a unique location you don't need to leave Europe! And on islands like Menorca and Elba, you won't even need to fight for a spot at the beach. Here are just 20 of the Europe's lesser-known islands to give you some inspiration for your next beach holiday.

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  • Flores, Portugal
    Flores, Portugal

    Located in the Azores, Flores is one of the nine islands that make up the Portuguese archipelago. The green rock in the atlantic is covered in waterfalls and peaceful lakes that make for excellent vistas while hiking. Although the Azores enjoy relative popularity among tourists, Flores is even less visited. Take a boat tour of the island's impressive coastline to see all of its nooks, crannies and secrets.