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24 hours in Wellington
Posted on 02/07/2019

CultureNew Zealand

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There's so much to explore in beautiful, diverse Wellington, New Zealand's vibrant capital and the country's second most populous city. Keep reading to discover how to make the most of a short one-day stay in Wellington!

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  • Take a morning stroll through the Botanic Garden
    Take a morning stroll through the Botanic Garden

    There's no better way to start your day than surrounded by stillness and nature! Enjoy the peaceful outdoors of the Wellington Botanic Garden, a 25-hectare park offering a lovely view over the city. The best way to access the garden is to take the Wellington Cable Car, New Zealand's only running funicular railway. Visitors get the unique opportunity to wander around native and exotic forests, admire colourful varieties of flowers and relax at the herb garden next to a charming duck pond. You'll find seven impressive garden sculptures as well as the Sun Dial of Human Involvement; if you stand on the sun dial, you'll be able to tell the time by looking at the shadow cast by your body!

  • Visit the National Museum of Te Papa Tongarewa
    Visit the National Museum of Te Papa Tongarewa

    Discover the treasures of New Zealand at Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington's innovative and modern national museum. Te Papa is the perfect place to learn more about the country's culture, art, science and history. Meet the museum's superstar: one of the biggest colossal squid ever caught! The fascinating culture of the Maori, New Zealand's indigenous people, is also celebrated in the museum's permanent exhibitions. General admission is entirely free, but visitors can choose a one-hour guided tour with an experienced guide for approximately £16.

  • Wander around Cuba Street
    Wander around Cuba Street

    Feeling hungry after the morning's activities? Settle down for lunch on Cuba Street, a popular place known for being Wellington's most colourful street. For this, it's beloved by both locals and tourists alike! From cheap dumplings to fine dining, Cuba Street is home to numerous places to have the perfect lunch. Vibrant murals and fascinating street art are part of what makes Cuba Street such a special and quirky place. Attention coffee lovers: stop by one of the many coffee shops here to enjoy some of New Zealand's quality caffeinated beverages!

  • Explore the city's wildlife at Zealandia
    Explore the city's wildlife at Zealandia

    Start your afternoon at Zealandia, an 225-hectare urban eco-sanctuary that's home to an assortment of the region's rarest wildlife. Dozens of animal species have been reintroduced to the area thanks to Zealandia's conservation project, and visitors can observe beautiful and rare native species of animals right in the city. From impressive reptiles to rare species of birds, you'll be amazed by Wellington's diverse and unique wildlife!

  • Watch the sunset at Mount Victoria
    Watch the sunset at Mount Victoria

    What's better than a wonderful sunset with a view? Climb to the viewpoint on top of Mount Victoria, a very tall hill that offers a panoramic view of the city and the harbour. Mount Victoria rises around 640 feet above the city, and it's possible to either drive all the way up, or take the hiking path that leads you to the top. Locals love watching the sunset at this beautiful spot. It's the perfect place to relax and enjoy the end of the day in Wellington after visiting every corner of the city!