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4 metre long cobra found in Thailand!
Posted on 18/11/2019


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Thailand is known for being home to some of the world's most dangerous reptiles. Last month, a 4 metre long cobra was found in the tourist town of Krabi. The King Cobra was peacefully minding its own business in a busy shopping area when it was spotted by a security guard. Incidents like these are becoming more and more frequent in the capital which it seems is the favourite playground of these impressive beasts.

There's a snake in my boot!

There's a snake in my boot!

Members of the Krabu Pitakpracha Foundation worked for one hour in order to tame this dangerous animal. It took seven men complete the mission, but fortunately they were able to break into the 30 metre long tunnel where the snake was hiding. Before starting, one of the experts completed a ritual so that the mission would take place successfully and without any complications. A video shows one of the men inside the tunnel chasing the cobra which was wriggling about in the water. The snake tried to sink into the darkness of the sewers before being caught by the tail with bare hands; it was caught, but it took several attempts.

The cobra weighs 15 kilograms; it is a Hamadryad, a very large, venomous serpent. It is one of the most impressive serpants to have ever been captured. The building under which it decided to hide itself was built in a location that used to be a jungle, which may explain why the snake was there! The cobra has been returned to a nearby forest and generally, any snakes that are found aren't killed because they help to get rid of rats. What's more, the King Cobra is a vulnerable species and is at risk of becoming endangered.