5 dreamy Australian beaches that will make you wish you were there right now
Posted on 09/01/2021


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If you think paradise on earth doesn't exist, you might want to reconsider. Dreamy Australia will change your mind thanks to its 60,000 km of coastline and 10,000 beaches. The country abounds in heavenly places that seem to come straight out of a postcard, and it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here are the 5 beaches that we think will make you want to go straight on a plane and right over there!


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1 - Whitehaven Beach

If there was just one beach to make you dream, it would be Whitehaven Beach. To discover it, head to the Whitsundays archipelago off Queensland in north-western Australia, near the Great Barrier Reef. This beach is famous all over the world for its pure white sand and turquoise blue water, and it is the kind of place where you will want to stay for the rest of your life so get ready to fall in love. Whitehaven Beach is accessible by boat, float plane and helicopter from Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach.


2- Bay of Fires

Peaceful beaches, unspoiled nature, rocks covered with orange lichen... Here is the Bay of Fires in Tasmania in South East Australia. The northern part of the bay is part of the Mount William National Park, and many of its beaches, such as Binalong Bay, are breathtakingly beautiful! Bay of Fires is located 4 hours drive from Hobart, but you first need to get to Tasmania, either by plane or by ferry.


3- Robe beach

Robe, a small seaside resort, is located in the south of the country. The main beach is breathtaking thanks to its very clear water, and it delights all those who come for a walk or to admire the starry sky. On the coast, near Cap Dombey, a red and white obelisk was built in 1855, which is a true symbol of the town, and can be seen up to 20 km away.

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4- Cossie Beach

Some call it paradise on earth and they might be just right. But to admire Cossie Beach, you have to go to the Cocos Islands, off the northwest coast of Australia. With palm trees, fine sand, translucent water, this beach is certainly one of the most beautiful in the country and there is no reason to argue about that. If you plan on going to the Cocos Islands, you will need to get on a four-hour flight from Perth.


5- Hyams Beach

Its sand is as white as snow, which is why Hyams Beach was voted the "whitest sandy beach in the world" by the Guinness Book of World Records. All those who had the chance to go there are unanimous, the place is amazing. About 125 km from Sydney, in Jervis bay, you can also go there for a dive or to see whales and dolphins. Other famous beaches in the area include Green Patch Beach or Caves Beach.

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