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5 movies to make you travel (comfortably from your couch)
Posted on 21/03/2020


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Khalil Gibran wrote: "If you wish to see the valleys, climb to the mountain top; if you desire to see the mountain top, rise into the cloud; but if you seek to understand the cloud, close your eyes and think." Not a bad idea in these lockdown times. Are you looking for a way to travel while staying at home? Then these 5 movies are for you!

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  • Into the wild
    Into the wild

    Christopher McCandless, a 22 young American with a passion for literature, just graduated with success and had a great future ahead of him. But his family history and readings gave him an inexhaustible desire for freedom and truth. Afflicted by his parents' social success and cynicism, he felt a great need to discover the world, to accomplish himself, which made him give up his money and leave in order to search for the truth. Into The Wild was filmed on the road, in many of the actual places where Chris travelled to - from the wheat fields of South Dakota to the rugged plains of the Salton Sea, to the forests of North Alaska. In addition to the film, the book, "In the Extreme Lands" by Jon Krakauer, is highly recommended.

  • Kundun

    This film takes you through the story of the fourteenth Dalai Lama, from his youngest age to the invasion of Tibet by Mao's army, and his exile in 1959. "Kundun" is the adventure of a young man who in a few years has forged his own stature as a leader, and remains true to his principles of non-violence to guide his people through one of the most tormented periods in his history.

  • Mediterraneo

    In 1941, eight Italian soldiers landed on an island in the Aegean Sea and, after several misunderstandings, were cut off from the war and the rest of the world... A classic you will never forget!

  • Cast Away
    Cast Away

    When the FedEx plane crashes, Chuck Noland ends up stranded on a deserted tropical island for four years, with a volleyball named Wilson as his only friend. Called the "existential blockbuster" of the 21st century, the 143 minutes of Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks, has become an icon!

  • Roman Holiday
    Roman Holiday

    Starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, and directed by William Wyler, Roman Holiday won three Academy Awards for Best Actress, Best Costume Design and Best Writing. In this timeless classic, Hepburn falls in love with an American journalist in Rome... Have you really not seen it yet? I'd be a great opportunity to go back to the beautiful Italian capital, which unfortunately has been pretty deserted lately.