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5 Paradise destinations that are cheap to travel to
Posted on 26/06/2018


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Airline companies have considerably changed the practicality of holidays. Traveling was once considered to be a luxury, however today it's a pleasure that can be enjoyed by many.

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  • Tahiti, French Polynesia
    Tahiti, French Polynesia

    In deseprate need of a dream holiday to French Polynesia? Well thanks to French Bee that dream could become a reality! At the start of 2018, this low-cost airline company launched their first long hall flight to Tahiti where you can swim in the translucent waters of the South Pacific Ocean.

  • The Antilles
    The Antilles

    The Antilles alongside Martinique and Guadeloupe are truly little wonders of the Caribbean and these destinations are now available thanks to companies such as XL Airways or Air Cara´bes. Competition for this air route is starting to get quite competitive since Level will be providing a link to the Caribbean starting from 99 EUR from July 2018.

  • Cuba

    Cuba is very open to tourism but it is one of the only places which is yet to experience an industrial revolution. Varadero is the most popular tourist resort in the country and will be sure to delight you. It is thanks to low cost airlines such as XI Airways or Air Cara´bes that we are able to go and explore its wonders for ourselves without breaking the bank.

  • Mauritius

    Throughout the world, there are paradise-like destinations. In the Indian Ocean awaits Mauritius, a luxurious and natural destination which is available to all for only 199 EUR with Eurowings. This beautiful place boasts an abundance of white sand beaches and turquoise waters without paying an insane amount of money. The only downside, or perhaps upside is that this flight takes off from Munich,Germany.

  • The Seychelles
    The Seychelles

    This beautiful island is situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Would you really miss out on the opportunity to visit this paradise knowing that flights operated by Joon only cost 299 EUR? Don't deprive yourself any longer and take up this reasonably prices offer!