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These are some of Europe's most impressive viaducts
Posted on 22/04/2019


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Make your european adventure that little bit more magical and travel by train or road over these six incredible viaducts dotted around the continent.

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  • Who knew stone could be so enchanting?
    Who knew stone could be so enchanting?

    Whether by train or car, there is something magical and exciting about travelling over an old, stone bridge. These six viaducts located around Europe are bound to give you that thrill, and perhaps induce a little bit of vertigo! Add a spark to your next trip by paying some of them a visit.

  • Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland
    Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

    All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Tucked away in western Scotland, you might recognise this beautiful stone viaduct thanks to its abundant appearances in the Harry Potter films. Platform nine-and-three-quarters may not be real, but this stunning wizard's rail route sure is. Walk the Glenfinnan trail through the rolling hills, ending at the viaduct's designated viewpoint.

  • Luxemburgo-Passerelle, Luxembourg
    Luxemburgo-Passerelle, Luxembourg

    Connecting the south to Luxembourg city is the Passerelle, or the Luxembourg Viaduct. This beautiful structure carries road traffic over a 290 metre stretch across the Pétrusse valley and river. Enjoy breathtaking views of this viaduct and its newer, neighbour bridge, Adolphe-Bréck, from the Monument of Remembrance car park.

  • Ouse Valley Viaduct, England
    Ouse Valley Viaduct, England

    Perhaps one of the most elegant of the six is the Ouse Valley viaduct, located in Haywards Heath on the southern railway connecting London to Brighton. Stretching a total length of 450 metres, this grand viaduct features an elongated oval cut-out within each balustrade, giving it an interesting, unique touch.

  • Göltzsch Viaduct, Germany
    Göltzsch Viaduct, Germany

    Known locally as the Göltzschtalbrücke and located in the western region of Saxony, this viaduct is the largest brick-built bridge in the world, reaching a staggering 574 metres in length and 78 metres in height. But what makes it unique is its numerous arches spread over 4 levels. To truly understand the scale of this viaduct, take a walk along the river below and marvel at its vast structure.