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Relaxation is guaranteed at these 6 thermal baths in and around Europe
Posted on 16/04/2019


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Put the cherry on top of the perfect getaway by relaxing in some of the world's finest thermal baths and spas during your trip.

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  • Take a holiday from your holiday
    Take a holiday from your holiday

    Planning a trip across or around Europe? Don't forget to schedule some downtime! These six locations scattered around the continent are ideal for relaxing amidst your busy itinerary. Take a break in Budapest, or get some much-needed R&R in Andorra. The choice is yours!

  • The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath in Hungary
    The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath in Hungary

    These baths in Budapest are known worldwide for their medicinal qualities due to the chemical composition of their waters. The complex's indoor and outdoor heated pools allow for year-round bathing, whatever the weather. By day, you can relax and enjoy their healing powers. By night, get ready for the craziest outdoor party in Europe as the baths turn into a 'Sparty', with bars, music and a whirlpool.

  • The Blue Lagoon in Iceland
    The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

    With bright blue, geothermal waters which naturally soothe your skin, there is no better way to relax than by plunging into the Blue Lagoon. The mud from the bed of the lagoon can even be used as a purifying face mask. For the best experience, stay at one of the nearby hotels where you can benefit from spa treatments and excellent food.

  • Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy
    Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy

    These incredibly beautiful hot springs are tucked away in the Tuscan countryside. Find yourself in awe, not only at the cascading warm waters, but also at the fact that they are completely free to enjoy every day of the year. Bring a picnic and set up camp on the rocks beside the springs, taking regular dips in between sunbathing.

  • Pamukkale-Hierapolis Thermal Pools in Turkey
    Pamukkale-Hierapolis Thermal Pools in Turkey

    Pamukkale is a small town hidden in western Turkey, and is neighboured by a small Roman spa city called Hierapolis. Although not technically in continental Europe, Pamukkale deserves a mention thanks to its unique topography. Due to its naturally mineral-rich waters, this area is dotted with several hot springs and thermal baths which create a truly idyllic landscape. Bathe in the crystal clear waters of the Antique Pool, located in Hierapolis, and watch water cascade down the white travertine terraces in Pamukkale.