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Locals' pet peeves: 7 annoying tourist habits
Posted on 10/08/2019


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If you live in a popular tourist destination, you've probably been annoyed more than once by crowds of tourists visiting your city. Locals in a lot of countries complain about tourists for various motives, from small details to bigger issues. Keep reading to discover some of the reasons why locals dislike tourists in some countries, according to some locals' anecdotes and experiences! 7 pet peeves Locals' pet peeves: 7 annoying types of tourists accross the world

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  • Brazil: Favela tours
    Brazil: Favela tours

    Slum tours, known as favela tours in Brazil, are becoming more and more popular among tourists. But locals aren't always happy with the nearly 50,000 tourists that partake in favela tours each year. Many Brazilians complain about this controversial tourist activity, which reminds many of "slum tourism", a fad that flourished during the Victorian era in the United Kingdom when members of the aristocracy enjoyed visiting and observing the poorest areas of some countries during their travels.

  • Germany: Tourist pictures in front of concentration camp memorials
    Germany: Tourist pictures in front of concentration camp memorials

    One pet peeve Germans seem to share is when tourists have their picture taken or take selfies in front of concentration camp memorials or any Holocaust memorial. Locals point out that some visitors engage in disrespectful behavior when taking inappropriately lighthearted or funny pictures in front of places where millions of people were killed. Shanak Shapira, an Israeli-German artist decided to take 12 inappropriate pictures and selfies at the Berlin Holocaust memorial and created Yolocaust an online project recreating the pictures with background scenes from concentration camps to shed light on the disrespectful nature of some tourists' photos.

  • Indonesia: Begpacking
    Indonesia: Begpacking

    The curious travel trend of begpacking occurs when white Western tourists dubbed "begpackers" solicit locals and other tourists for food and money to fund their holidays. This phenomenon happens particularly in Southeast Asia, often in Indonesia. Locals and authorities alike are particularly frustrated by fad. Hundreds of locals have shared pictures of these begpackers with captions criticizing their privileged attitudes and lack of self awareness. Although most of Bali's economy is fueled by tourism, the immigration office has planned to report all begpackers to their countries' embassies.

  • India: Fake yoga retreats
    India: Fake yoga retreats

    Many tourists travel to India in search of spirituality and authenticity, and the country is more than happy to oblige, offering numerous yoga and meditation retreats that foreigners are wild about! But many locals complain about naive tourists that follow unscrupulous gurus and engage in fake yoga retreats. Many Indians seem to believe that tourists blindly fall into the trap of fake spiritual practices and gurus, and suggest that visitors dig a little deeper into Indian culture, history and local customs before traveling to their country.

  • Denmark: Jaywalking and bad bike riding
    Denmark: Jaywalking and bad bike riding

    Danes are particularly rule-abiding when it comes to their country's laws. There seem to be two particular cases in which citizens are uncompromising with tourists: bike riding in the city and jaywalking. Locals in Denmark are indeed incredibly respectful of traffic lights before crossing and of their important biking culture! Tourists who don't respect these norms will probably face a few judgmental looks or even a remark, so make sure to learn more about Danish laws and social customs before your visit!