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7 escape rooms you have to try in London
Posted on 20/01/2020

CultureUnited Kingdom

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Significantly increasing in popularity for the past decade, escape rooms are games where you have to escape a locked room as a team (usually between 3 and 6 people) in a limited time (in most places an hour) using clues, hints and your problem-solving skills.

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  • London's best escape rooms
    London's best escape rooms

    Originally coming from the concept of Escape Rooms video games, the first one was Crimson Room, created in 2004 by Toshimitsu Takagi and then transformed by a Japanese company SCRAP in 2007 into a Live Escape Rooms where players were completely immersed in the game. Today, escape rooms are hugely popular in Britain, as well as in many cities around the world, but even more so in the English capital, which is why we have listed the 7 best escape rooms you should definitely try while you are in London.

  • The Game is Now, Shepherd's Bush
    The Game is Now, Shepherd's Bush

    Fans of Sherlock, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, you should definitely go and try The Game is Now! Summoning you for an eye check at Doyle's Opticians in a small shopping centre in Shepherd's Bush, this game perfectly recreates the the atmosphere and the mysteries of the acclaimed BBC drama. With plenty of challenges and high quality props and stories, this escape room is a memorable and puzzling experience ending up in a Conan Doyle themed bar for those who succeed. So grab your detective friends and test your brains on this authentic and fun game. Elementary, my dear Watson!

  • Breakin' Escape Rooms, Islington
    Breakin' Escape Rooms, Islington

    With seven different rooms, you will find games such as a Wizarding school where you learn spells and venture through the castle to find a precious artefact and face a dangerous monster. You can also try The Flying Dutchman, where you need to escape a pirate ship before the sunrise in order to escape the doom reserved to Davy Jones and his undead pirate crew, or even the Butcher's Lair, where you have to escape from a dinner party with a university professor who wants to cook you for dinner... You're bound to find a room that tickles your interest and brings you some great mysteries and riddles to share with your friends!

  • Mission Breakout, Camden Town
    Mission Breakout, Camden Town

    Located in the ghost tube station of South Kentish Town, Mission Breakout is a fully immersive game where you have to escape from the abandoned place thanks to good teamwork and communication. The two rooms called Codebreakers and The Lost Passenger challenge you to either decipher Nazi messages or to investigate the disappearance of Mr Brackett in the closed down station in 1924.

  • The Crystal Maze, Piccadilly Circus
    The Crystal Maze, Piccadilly Circus

    Inspired by the well-known 90s TV show of the same name, your team will have to complete tasks through the four different zones of the maze (Aztec, Futuristic, Industrial and Medieval) in this escape room that perfectly recreates the eccentric atmosphere of the show. Similarly, you will get a crystal for each challenge where you succeed, and that will give you more time in order to get as many tokens as possible in the final challenge of the Crystal Dome.