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7 places where you can eat and drink like a celebrity
Posted on 12/09/2018 2 shares

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Ever wondered what it would be like to wine and dine like a celebrity? Visit these seven illustrious digs for a bit of star-spotting.

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  • Ferdi

    This charming Parisian hotspot boasts character and charm. Trendy and elusive, this taboo treasure is tucked away in Rue Mont Thabor and is the hideaway of serious A-listers such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Ornate in baroque style splendour with florid paintings complimenting the red, black and gold colour scheme, this borgeois bohemian hotspot is your go-to for intimate celeb spotting.

  • Nusr-et Steakhouse
    Nusr-et Steakhouse

    Looking for a star-studded restaurant with a celebrity chef and impeccable food? Vist Nusr-et, the humble abode of Salt Bae. Witness extravagant slashings of meat and of course iconic sprinkles of salt; Salt Bae's steakhouse is the only address for all meat lovers. From decadent Turkish delicacies to rich carnivorous options, dine among the greats such as Maradonna and David Beckham for an experience second to none.

  • Cirque le Soir
    Cirque le Soir

    If you don't know don't worry is the motto for this club. Dance the night away among flame throwers and clown-faced dancers caged in glass boxes, or give in to your drunken cravings by indulging in popcorn. This weird and wonderful nightclub is not only exclusive but also Neymar and Lewis Hamilton's favourite joint. Fancy a little rest from partying? Have a massage or play in the ball pit to become entranced into the hypnotic world of Cirque le Soir.

  • 1OAK

    This bustling soiree is flooded with A-listers and is renowned for its celebrity hosts. Ever dreamed of being at a Kardashian's birthday? At 1OAK you can. Known for throwing the most extravagant parties, such as Grammy and MTV afterparties, feel like a celebrity amidst the likes of Justin Bieber and Rihanna at this swanky nightclub.

  • Sheesh

    This is every glutton's galore. Feast on platters of tapas, succulent chargrilled meat and mouth-watering deserts. Sheesh cultivates modernism and luxe with an exuberant dining experience to top it off. Don't believe the hype? This restaurant/club/bar is flooded with celebrities on a weekly basis. With an exclusive dress code and dining rooms designed according to your tastes, there's no surprise this hangout is a locale for the stars.


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