7 places that know how to do pizza right and none of them are in Italy
Posted on 16/10/2020

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Everyone says that if you're looking for an authentic pizza experience, then the only place you need to be is Italy. Now, Italian pizza is probably the best in the world, but that doesn't mean that you can't get great pizza anywhere else. In fact, we've found seven places that are giving Italy a run for their money, as they've embraced pizza and made it their own. So, if you're craving a hearty, cheesy, glorious slice of pizza, then you might want to check these places out - after all, not everyone can make it to Italy, right?

New York City, USA

New York City, USA
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New York City is known for many things, like its iconic art museums, the towering NYC skyline and the stylish people that roam the crowded streets, but the one thing you cannot miss is their New York-style pizza. In the 1900s, there was a huge influx of Italian immigrants coming into the US, and what did they bring with them? Their pizza, of course. The New York-style pizza evolved from a Neapolitan-style pizza into what it is today a large cheese pizza with a paper thin crust. New York City took Italian pizza and truly made it a part of the city culture. There is even a special way to eat this slice of goodness - simply fold the pizza in half, and take a big bite!

Holbox, Mexico

We all know the classic pizza toppings such as pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes, but imagine a pizza with bits of lobster sprinkled on top of it. It just sounds scrumptious! Well, Holbox is famous for its "Pizza de Langosta" and it's as indulgent as it sounds. The crust is super thin and the lobster is incredibly juicy. There are a variety of sauces that you can choose to drizzle on top of it, like a garlic tomato sauce and a spicy habanero sauce. This Mexican island has a range of fresh, local ingredients that elevates the taste of this pizza and you definitely won't find another seafood dish like this anywhere else in the world.

Chicago, USA

Chicago, USA
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Pizza in the stunning city of Chicago is the complete opposite of what you'll find in most cities, so you know they've added their own spin to the dish. There has been an ongoing war between American cities for the best pizza title, but in this case it really depends on how much you can eat as the Chicago-style pizza is a heavy dish. Their world famous deep-dish crust makes room for extra sauce, extra toppings and extra cheese. What more could you want? The best part about this pizza is the crispy crust that is generously covered with sliced mozzarella. You will need to be seated to devour this pizza and it won't be easy to finish!

Paris, France

Pizza may have been born in Italy, but the French truly appreciate this masterpiece. After America, the country that consumes the most amount of pizzas in the world is France. You'll find a variety of pizzas in Paris - some are almost identical to what you will find in Italy, but some are made with a fancy French twist, and since the French are experts in gastronomy, you can expect their pizzas to be on the same level. You will find extraordinary pizzas that combine the original Italian flavours with the haute cuisine of Paris. This means that your pizza will be topped with the most luxurious ingredients, such as truffles and caviar. The French know how to keep it simple too, and their Neapolitan pizzas are to die for as well.

New Haven, USA

New Haven, USA

There are many things that make pizza in New Haven unlike anything that you might encounter in other cities. In the region of Naples, pizza is called apizza and the pizza-makers of New Haven adopted that style to differentiate themselves from the other competitors in the country. It's not just the name that is distinct, the way they make the pizza from scratch is unique as well. They ferment their dough for a comparatively longer time, which allows it to develop its own flavour - in the process of baking the crust becomes nice and chewy. Another offbeat practice in New Haven is to let the pizza sit in the oven for a longer period of time, so that the base and the crust becomes charred. Some may call it burnt, but who cares as long as it tastes good, right?

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan
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This is an unlikely place to have on a list of the best pizza places in the world, but Tokyo has rightfully earned the spot and here's why. Italian cuisine has been popular all around the world for decades, but the Japanese have mastered the art of baking pizzas, and their favourite is the Neapolitan. The chefs use wood-fired ovens to bake it to perfection, and they cook with the best ingredients for the freshest flavours. Although the technique is identical, the only thing that makes Japanese Neapolitan slightly different is that they use cedar chips to fire up the oven. Currently there are over 6000 Italian restaurants in Tokyo, and more than 1,400 pizzerias, so the next time you go to Japan, save some room for a slice of pizza because it will surprise you.

São Paulo, Brazil

When you're in São Paulo, you might forget that you're in Brazil as it feels a little like Italy. Considering the fact that there are over six million Brazilians who are of Italian origin, it comes as no surprise that their pizzas are out of this world. There are over 4,500 pizzerias that are scattered all over the city, so you'll get your fix no matter where you are. Your pizza experience will not be the same in São Paulo and that is because the Brazilians love eating rodízio-style. The waiter will come to your table several times bringing a selection of toppings for you to choose from. You might come across a few toppings that you won't find in a traditional pizza, but that's what makes this experience even better!