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7 quaint US destinations for architecture lovers
Posted on 12/06/2018 6 shares

CultureUnited States of America

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From the old Latin pueblo of Taos to the cute Danish village of Solvang, these seven destinations each tell their own story of US architecture.

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  • Taos, New Mexico
    Taos, New Mexico

    This iconic town in New Mexico is a perfect example of old, authentic southwestern-style adobe architecture. The old Taos Pueblo has been occupied for nearly a millennium. Today, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town boasts art museums, more than 80 galleries and several performing arts venues.

  • St. Augustine, Florida
    St. Augustine, Florida

    Founded back in 1565, it resembles an architect's impression of centuries-old Europe. This unique city also houses plenty of attractions. The Castillo de San Marcos, the nation's oldest fort, is a very popular attraction amongst tourists.

  • Montpelier, Vermont
    Montpelier, Vermont

    With a population of less than 8,000, Montpelier has a quaint intimacy to go alongside its architectural beauty. Named after the south of France's Montpellier, Vermont's version is every bit as picturesque as its European counterpart.

  • Solvang, California
    Solvang, California

    In the heart of Wine Country, this Danish village was founded in 1911. Set in the Santa Ynez Valley, it is home to a number of bakeries and restaurants. Prepare to treat yourself to some sweet Danish delights in this place!

  • Deadwood, South Dakota
    Deadwood, South Dakota

    Boasting over 80 gambling halls, Deadwood still retains an echo of its bad-boy past. Named a National Historic Landmark, its atmospheric streets and gold-rush-era buildings have been well-preserved.


When you think about architecture in the United States you may immediately think about architecture in the big cities. However, some of the most beautiful and unique architecture can be found in some of the lesser-known areas.