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7 top tips for women travelling solo
Posted on 21/09/2019

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The benefits of travelling alone are tenfold. Travelling alone can really help cultivate a sense of self through a combination of quality alone time coupled with the freedom and abandon of a holiday. These benefits are even stronger for women given the tragic societal pressures that shame confident, self assured women.

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  • Get organised
    Get organised

    As with any travelling it's really worthwhile to do research into your chosen destination, have clear details of at least a rough itinerary and to prioritise the activities you'd be sad to miss. For women travelling alone this aspect is sadly especially important as there can be an added safety element to your organisation. Whilst it really sucks that women have to think about these things when travelling, it's better in this case to hope for the best and plan for the worst. The best way to prepare yourself is to take on the wisdom of other women who've travelled solo by chatting to them or reading some of their experiences.

  • Be selfish
    Be selfish

    Being selfish is not always a negative thing. When it comes to solo travel it's actually encouraged. Knowing yourself, doing exactly what you want to do and dictating your own schedule is exactly what travelling alone is all about. If you hate art galleries but love going to gigs and trying new food, no one is there to force you to do otherwise! Make your experience your own by truly appreciating the art of self-care and putting you and only you first.

  • Trust yourself
    Trust yourself

    On the same vein as being selfish, it's crucial you trust yourself when you're travelling alone. This means trusting your personal boundaries, your instincts and your needs whilst also pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. If you trust yourself and how you feel you will naturally foster a stronger sense and confidence which will no-doubt ensure you make the most of your trip.

  • Research women only spaces
    Research women only spaces

    Travelling alone can be scary and it's ok to acknowledge that. If you know it would put your mind at ease, there exists a wealth of travelling spaces and activities tailored to make women feel safer. These could include accommodation, tour groups or events, all of which also provide great opportunity to meet some like minded travellers.

  • Know it's ok to feel lonely
    Know it's ok to feel lonely

    Even if you are used to spending time alone when you're at home, be prepared that it's still easy to get lonely as a solo traveller. This can be especially difficult with a language barrier or when tourist locations are often swamped with an array of happy families or couples. Independance is amazing but it doesn't mean you need to completely isolate yourself when you're away and do everything alone. It's okay to acknowledge these feelings and potentially find some group activities or traveller meetups to improve your experience. There's no weakness in accepting you get energy from people and it might just give you the boost you need to feel better.


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