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7 spectacular waterfalls you haven't heard of
Posted on 11/09/2018 29 shares


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From Niagra to Angel Falls, you're bound to be familiar with the world's most visited waterfalls. But have you heard of these undiscovered gems?

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  • Caledonia Waterfall, Cyprus
    Caledonia Waterfall, Cyprus

    Found nestled in the forests of Platres village in the Troodos Mountains, this waterfall at nearly 13 feet tall is sadly often overlooked. Despite Cyprus' popularity as a tourist destination for Brits, most miss out on this gem and the opportunity to find shade after a day in the scorching summer sun!

  • 2. Middle Black Clough Waterfall, Peak District, UK
    2. Middle Black Clough Waterfall, Peak District, UK

    The Peak District, Derbyshire, is on the doorstep of many of us Brits, yet its beauty often fails to be acknowledged. This national park boasts over 500 square miles of nature and found at its heart is the Middle Black Clough. Many have noted the difficulty of the hike to reach this waterfall but few are left disapointed.

  • 3. Rastoke Waterfalls, Croatia
    3. Rastoke Waterfalls, Croatia

    Only a 30 minute drive from the more touristic Plitvice Lakes, this collection of waterfalls is often forgotten by visitors. Varying in height, with the largest at 39 feet tall, these waterfalls are located amongst the houses, bridges and restaurants of the picturesque mill town of Rastoke.

  • 4. Aldeyjarfoss, Iceland
    4. Aldeyjarfoss, Iceland

    At 65 feet tall, this impressive beauty falls into the SkjŠlfandafljůt, the country's fourth longest river. Situated in northern Iceland, Aldeyjarfoss' water is both icy and choppy as it drops into its vast round basin, and the perfect photo opportunity.

  • 5. Cascata delle Marmore, Italy
    5. Cascata delle Marmore, Italy

    Located less than 5 miles from Terni, the capital of the Umbria region, this waterfall is not isolated like many overlooked gems yet it fails to gain the credit it deserves. Despite being man-made by the ancient Romans, Cascara delle Marmore boasts falls of up to 272 feet, making it the world's tallest man-made waterfall and one of Italy's most spectacular sights.


It's that time of year again! Your social media is probably flooded with endless holiday posts. And since they're so Instagrammable, waterfalls are a favourite amongst those sharing their summer highlights.

But a great number of the world's most impressive waterfalls remain unknown to the majority of your explore page, so take note. You may even plan a visit next year.

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