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These 8 cathedrals will make you want to plan a trip to Spain
Posted on 17/04/2019


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Got the travel bug? Make your next visit to Spain extra special by stopping to visit some of these eight fascinating cathedrals.

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  • More than just houses of worship
    More than just houses of worship

    As Catholicism is the most popular religion in Spain, it's no wonder that the country is home to some of the world's most beautiful cathedrals. Famous for their extravagant detail, rich history and towering spires, many of these structures have gone beyond their function as religious buildings to become points of pride for the cities they serve. Don't miss these eight cathedrals on your next trip to Spain!

  • 1. Catedral Nueva de Salamanca
    1. Catedral Nueva de Salamanca

    Dating back to the 16th century, the New Cathedral of Salamanca is known for its detailed facade, which features an astronaut carved into the stone. This was the work of a stonemason who was commissioned to restore this part of the building in the 1990s and wanted to add his own personal touch. In Salamanca, it's considered good luck if you find the stone astronaut all on your own without any help.

  • 2. Catedral de Santiago de Compostela
    2. Catedral de Santiago de Compostela

    The small city of Santiago de Compostela world famous as the end point of the historic Camino de Santiago, a network of walking routes that take pilgrims through Spain and other parts of Europe. The tall spires of the cathedral are visible from a distance, making it a landmark for walkers as they come to the end of their pilgrimage.

  • 3. Catedral de San Salvador
    3. Catedral de San Salvador

    One of the routes within the Camino de Santiago is the Camino Primitivo. The road winds through Oviedo, where you can find the San Salvador Cathedral. This section of the camino is considered so important that there is even a saying that states, "Quién va a Santiago y no al Salvador, visita al criado y no al Señor," or whoever goes to Santiago and not to Salvador, visits the servant and not the Lord.

  • 4. Catedral de Granada
    4. Catedral de Granada

    Although the building is concealed between the narrow streets and tall buildings of the city, Granada Cathedral's three-arched facade will never fail to amaze tourists and locals alike as they walk into the open square in front of the building. The detail put into the stonemasonry is something to be admired, as well as the contrast between the cathedral and the surrounding Morrocan-style market streets.


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