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8 picturesque towns in Bavaria to visit this year
Posted on 28/05/2019


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Perhaps no other place in the whole of Germany has more charm or a more romantic atmosphere than Bavaria. The landlocked region of Bavaria can be found on the southeastern corner of Germany and is world-renowned for its many tourist attractions. From majestic mountains, medieval castles and picturesque villages to the best beer in the country and hearty traditional food, Bavaria is Germany's ultimate destination, pleasing all tastes. Whether you're looking for a romantic destination, unspoiled nature or you're just looking for the best beer in the country, Bavaria seems to have it all!

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  • Home to Germany's beer capital and the most romantic cities
    Home to Germany's beer capital and the most romantic cities

    Charming towns settled by scenic rivers, lakes and snow-capped Alps bursting with romance will remind you of a real-life fairy tale. These picture-perfect towns feel like they've been frozen in time, mostly renowned for their medieval architecture, hill-top castles and lovely pastel-colored houses. But besides that, Bavaria offers different landscapes as well. Its capital city, Munich, is known as the industrial center of Bavaria and one of the most economically successful German cities, offering a more bustling atmosphere.

    Aside from its cities, Bavaria is also home to many castles and most of them look like they're straight out of a storybook, perfect for all romantics. Small Alpine cities nestled behind majestic mountains are the main draw for hikers and nature lovers. Germany is famous world-wide for its beer and the best can be found in Bavaria, dubbed as 'the beer region'. Hopeless romantics, history-buffs, nature lovers, beer enthusiasts and foodies will most likely fall in love with Bavaria and its many charms. Intrigued? Read on to see our list of the top eight charming Bavarian towns to visit! Most of these cities are also situated on the famous German holiday route called The Romantic Road which goes through regions of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

  • 1. Dinkelsbuhl
    1. Dinkelsbuhl

    Featuring an almost unspoiled townscape more than 400 years old, Dinkelsbuhl is another must-see when in Bavaria. Like Rothenburg, it's located along the Romantic Road, and you can clearly see why. The town's romantic atmosphere is almost surreal and over the years it has become a magnet for travelers from all over the world. Surrounded by medieval walls and towers and representing typical German architecture from the 15th to 17th century, Dinkelsbuhl's beauty may seem overwhelming at first. Romantic and picturesque from tip to toe, explore its old town, churches and winding cobbled streets best on foot, but for the ultimate romantic experience hire a horse-drawn carriage and live your own fairytale in real life!

  • 2. Bamberg
    2. Bamberg

    Another German town which has preserved its historic look is Bamberg, boasting one of the largest intact old town centers in Europe. Its medieval buildings and churches as well as historic monuments can be found in the town's three historic districts which all hold the UNESCO World Heritage title. Bamberg is often described as a town of many faces: it's a historic town, university town and a town of beer. The city is built on seven hills,which earned it the town nickname 'Franconian Rome'. Rivers and canals going through the city add to its magical, romantic charm and the medieval architecture will make you feel like you're in a movie set.

    Bamberg is also known as 'Germany's beer capital' with ten breweries producing dozens of different local beers. The most famous beer produced here is the smoked beer that's said to be best in the Schlenkerla brewery and is more than 600 years old. Historic monuments and medieval charm combined with a lively night scene and beer-brewing tradition seems to be the ideal mixture for a perfect Bavarian vacation!

  • 3. Fussen
    3. Fussen

    Another enchanting town that's part of Germany's Romantic Road (it can be either the first or last destination) is Fussen, nestled at the foot of the Alps with the river Lech running through it. Fussen can thank the nearby world-famous castle of Neuschwanstein for its huge popularity. If seeing the most famous fairy tale castle in Germany (which didn't fail to impress even Walt Disney himself) is on your Germany itinerary, make sure to stop at this tiny town along the way. It might be tiny, but it doesn't lack charm and things to do. Experience the romance fo Germany while sightseeing in the old town, and if you love classic music it's good to know that Fussen is a hub for violin and lute production. Since the town's surrounded by mountains, nature lovers won't be bored here either, with plenty of options for hiking, cycling and mountain biking!

  • 4. Regensburg
    4. Regensburg

    Located on the Danube River, this Bavarian city holds the title of the 'best preserved medieval city in the country'. The city's old town is over 2000 years old and it's home to more than a thousand historic monuments that have been here for centuries. The 12th century stone bridge over the Danube, the Gothic Cathedral and the entirely pedestrianised historic area will have you falling in love in seconds. The city has successfully preserved its medieval charm, but on the other hand also kept up to date with loads of modern shops, bars, restaurants and pubs situated in the town's narrow alleys.