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California Love: 8 places to check out in the Golden State
Posted on 23/02/2019

CultureUnited States of America

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Have you ever caught yourself dreaming of California's sun-drenched shores? It would be hard not to given that this sunny state has been the location of choice for many Hollywood directors. From its endless stretches of golden beaches to its incredible natural forests, California should the American state on every travelers wish list. Here are 8 unmissable places in California.

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  • Lake Tahoe
    Lake Tahoe

    During California sunsets, this lake reflects colors of pink, purple and deep blue. Both captivating and magical, it is no surprise Lake Tahoe was chosen for one of the scenes in Coppola's The Godfather II. As the second deepest lake in the US, this natural attraction promises a magical experience for all visitors. Situated between California and Nevada, the lake can be seen from numerous restaurants lining the popular Nevada town of Stateline. During the summer there are endless activities to get involved with such as hiking in the mountains, boat trips, and swimming.

  • The Beaches
    The Beaches

    What's the one thing that immediately springs to mind whenever you hear California? Undoubtedly it would be sun, sea and sand. The beaches here are not just brimming with natural beauty, but also cater to those seeking some holiday entertainment. Santa Monica State beach is packed with amusements along its pier and is perfect for those who enjoy cycling or playing volleyball. If you are looking for serenity, California has an abundance of beaches that cater to just nature lovers. Big Sur beach and Pebble Beach of Crescent City are the perfect spots to go for a long walk and soak up the California sun.

  • Yosemite National Park
    Yosemite National Park

    Head to Yosemite to experience nature like you have never seen it before. Waterfalls, valleys and meadows encompass a grand stretch of 750,000 acres. Here you can find many natural attractions from the Merced River which is perfect for swimming, hiking, white water rafting and fishing. The Chinualna Falls and Vernal Fall are stunning waterfalls that you will come across during your hike. And for incredible views look no futher than Olmstead Point.

  • Golden Gate Bridge
    Golden Gate Bridge

    The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the world's most famous bridges thanks to its unique Art Deco design. Its name alone gives away just how grand this bridge is, costing 35 million dollars to complete in 1937. From the eastern-side walkway, you can appreciate the best of San Francisco's skyline as well as the bay islands. If you turn and look to the west, expect to see the hills of the Marin Headlands and the Pacific Ocean. Sailboats amble across the water, and maybe you'll even spot a brave windsurfer taking advantage of the California sunshine!

  • Palm Springs
    Palm Springs

    Known as the playground of movie stars, a visit to Palm Springs is quite the dream. Exploring around this part of California, you'll find many excellent examples of contemporary architecture spanning decades. Some of the biggest names in architecture have designed houses here in which countless movie stars and public figures have resided. The infamous Twin Palms is where the great crooner Frank Sinatra once made his home. There are also many natural wonders waiting to be discovered such as the Indian Canyons and Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.