Here are 9 reasons to visit Papua New Guinea
Posted on 12/01/2019

EnvironmentPapua New Guinea

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When dreaming of vacation destinations, it's unlikely that Papua New Guinea springs to mind. But this undiscovered gem has enough adventure, culture and tradition to be worthy of the number one spot on your travel list. Here's why!

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  • Culture in abundance
    Culture in abundance

    A holiday is the perfect time to unearth a new culture and nowhere has a culture quite as expressive as Papua New Guinea. With over 7,000 different tribes existing today, each with their own languages and traditions, it may be difficult to find anywhere more diverse than this island.

    Despite being born thousands of years ago, ancient traditions continue today through art, initiations and Sing Sings (dance and music festivals). And what's even better? Locals who practice these traditions are more than willing to share them with you, so why not get involved on your trip and attend a local Sing Sing? It's an experience not to be missed.