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Which of these 11 city breaks fits your personality best?
Posted on 01/12/2018

SocietyThe Netherlands

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Lacking vacation inspiration? Whether you're a foodie or a fashionista, follow our guide to discover your next travel destination.

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  • The Architecture Lover
    The Architecture Lover

    If architecture is your thing, the Netherlands' second largest city is bound to make you weak in the knees! Wiped out during World War II, Rotterdam was once a blank canvas for budding architects. Today, it has an extraordinary ever-changing skyline and modern and innovative architecture at every turn. From the '70s Overblaak Development's yellow and blue tilted, hexagonal houses, to the city's largest building, De Rotterdam, and the Centraal Station's slick slanted roof, Rotterdam is definitely not your traditional Dutch city.

  • The Beer Enthusiast
    The Beer Enthusiast

    Crazy about beer? If so, then France may not be at the top of your travel agenda. However, the city of Strasbourg in France's northeastern Alsace-Lorraine region is a beer-drinking destination not to be missed!

    Thanks to its location, Strasbourg is home to a unique hybrid of French and German culture and therefore boasts some great beer. Whether you wish to sip on the locally-produced and well-known Kronenbourg or Fischer, or fancy an independent pint like Kohler-Rehm, a trip to Strasbourg will make you realize there's more to beer than Germany! You might even have to plan another visit so that you can appreciate what else the city has to offer.

  • The Fashionista
    The Fashionista

    Forget the world's four fashion capitals. Set your own trend with a trip to Belgium's capital of style. Put on the fashion map in the '80s by the legendary Antwerp Six, a group of Belgian fashion designers from the city's Royal Academy of Fine Arts, today Antwerp is an international fashion city. Along with a visit to Antwerp's ModeMuseum and a shopping spree at the city's numerous flagships and concept stores, don't miss out on the city's vibrant nightlife. A visit here is bound to have even your most fashionable friends green with envy!

  • The Lovebirds
    The Lovebirds

    Already crossed the Eiffel Tower and Venice's gondolas off of your couples' wanderlust list? Then where else could be more romantic than Italy's City of Love? As the setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, in Verona you and your special someone will fall madly in love all over again just like the playwright's star-crossed lovers.

    Explore the Capulet family's residence, making sure you leave a love note or even a love lock so that Juliet can grant you eternal love (as legend has it). And with Verona's picturesque piazzas and the winding lanes of the city's old town, love will definitely be in the air!

  • The Foodie
    The Foodie

    Home to the highest number of Michelin Star restaurants per capita, incredible fresh food markets, and its own signature style of tapas, it's no wonder that Spain's San Sebastián has earned the informal title of "food capital of the planet."

    Yes, we all know the Spaniards know how to eat, but when it comes to Spanish cuisine no other city does it better than San Sebastián. Whether you choose a several course banquet at one of the city's high-end restaurants or a snack of pinxtos (Basque tapas), a vacation here will send any food lover to foodie heaven.