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Meet Alaçati: Turkey's hidden seaside gem
Posted on 22/05/2019


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Alaçati (pronounced Ala-cha-ti) is a Turkish seaside town you've probably never heard of. And we can't blame you because this chic small town has been flying under the radar. For now, mostly locals stay here. With charming stone houses, cobblestone streets lined with amazing restaurants and cafes, the turquoise sea and outstanding beaches, Alaçati won't be unknown for long. Located on the west coast of Turkey, Alaçati can be described as a fishing town with both Greek and Turkish characteristics.

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  • Turkey's best kept secret for summer holidays
    Turkey's best kept secret for summer holidays

    As you stroll down the cobblestone streets of Alaçati bursting with Mediterranean charm, you'll soon be overwhelmed by the town's laid-back atmosphere and romantic vibes. Its authenticity is well preserved and if you're looking for an unspoiled spot on the coast of Aegan Sea, Alaçati might be the answer.

    The town isn't only famous for its pristine beaches and vivid sea, but also for its charming architecture and long olive oil and winemaking tradition. If you still haven't decided where to spend your summer holiday this year, get inspired with out list of top 10 reasons why Alaçati might be your next ideal destination.

  • 1. Dreamy beaches
    1. Dreamy beaches

    As Alaçati is located in the center of the Cesme Peninsula, it offers all kinds of spectacular beaches, all easily reachable from town. The most popular beach is Ilica Beach which is a 15-minute drive from the city center. Ilica is famous for its pristine white sand and shallow turquoise waters. Thanks to its shallow waters and windy conditions, the beach is popular among windsurfers and it even houses one of the best wind-and-kite surfing venues in Europe. For more dramatic landscapes, head south to Delikli Koy to enjoy white limestone cliffs and rocky beaches.

  • 2. Authentic architecture
    2. Authentic architecture

    Since Alaçati has Greek past, walking around town's maze of cobblestone streets will remind you of a picture-perfect Greek island town. With recently restored old stone houses with colorfully painted windows and doors, the town center was declared a historical site in 2005. The town is best explored on foot or by scooter, the latter of which will come in handy you plan on taking day trips. Get lost in the maze of cute cobbled streets lined with houses covered with bougainvillea, chic cafes, restaurants and boutiques and don't forget to bring your camera, because here every corner is Insta-worthy!

  • 3. Foodie heaven
    3. Foodie heaven

    Plenty of delicious food, sun and sea are the ultimate combination for the vacation of your dreams. Excellent restaurants, home-grown cuisine and local products has turned Alaçati into a true paradise for gourmands. Cuisine here represents a mix of Mediterranean, Greek and Turkish food, so almost anyone's taste can be satisfied. Cute restaurants with outdoor tables, welcoming staff and outstanding, mouthwatering traditional food is a reason of its own to visit Alaçati.

    The most popular restaurant in town is called Asma Yapragi where diners are taken to the restaurant's kitchen to pick out what are they going to eat. Eating out in restaurants is popular, so make sure to reserve a table in advance!

  • 4. Beach clubs and nightlife
    4. Beach clubs and nightlife

    A night out on the town is a must when visiting Alaçati as the town boasts loads of nightlife options. The area is mostly known for amazing afternoon parties hosted in Ibiza-style beach clubs. With house music blasting all day, amazing cocktails, a buzzing atmosphere and comfy sunbeds, fun until the sun goes down is almost guaranteed here. Most of these beach clubs are located in the towns outskirts and they turn into nightclubs after dark and work until early morning hours. If you're looking for something more peaceful, there are plenty of nice bars serving excellent cocktails and wine in the center as well!