All new episodes of The Crown are up on Netflix, and the sets are open to the public
Posted on 18/11/2020

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Netflix has an unending line up of amazing shows, but The Crown is definitely amongst the best. It had everyone hooked from the get go and this week, the fourth season was finally released. Fans have been impatiently waiting for the next lineup of episodes ever since they found out that Princess Diana would be one of the stars of the show. Now, if you're a diehard fan of The Crown, then we've got some more good news. There are a handful of filming locations that are completely open to the public and we've listed all of them out for you!

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral
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In 1981, the whole world turned on their television sets to watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. We were hoping for a remake of the wedding on the show, however the series chose not to capture this spectacular event. Nevertheless, we still get a glimpse of the dress rehearsal which took place in Winchester Cathedral. In reality, the venue of the royal wedding was St. Paul's Cathedral but the makers of the series chose to shoot the scene in Winchester Cathedral. This cathedral has a long standing history with British royalty and it dates back to the seventh century. Though Prince Charles and Princess Diana did not get married here, many other royal weddings took place within this holy sanctuary.

Somerleyton Hall

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Christmas is a huge occasion for the royal family and their favourite Christmas destination is Sandringham. This venue is frequently talked about in the previous seasons however this time Somerleyton Hall was chosen to pose as Sandringham. Somerleyton Hall is beautiful Victorian styled manor that sits in the middle of a massive estate in Suffolk. It is home to the most beautiful gardens in East Anglia and it has kept that title since the 17th century. Visitors are allowed to roam around the property as they please and they can also book out the rooms for private events. In the first three seasons Sandringham was filmed at Englefield House, but we can all agree that Somerleyton Hall is fitting to play the royal family's Christmas home.

Burghley House

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The Windsor Castle has been an important royal residence for over 900 years and it is the Queen's preferred weekend home. Choosing a building that would perfectly fit the grandeur of Windsor was certainly challenging, but this season a new location was chosen to play Windsor Castle, Burghley House. Burghley holds a reputation for being one of the largest houses from the 16th century that is still standing strong today. It was built by William Cecil, who was Queen Elizabeth I's Lord High Treasurer and is well known for its Elizabethan architectural embellishments. If you can't make it to the estate, then you'll be pleased to know that you can take a virtual tour of the Burghley House!

Ardverikie Estate

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The Balmoral test is known as the royal initiation and if you're invited to Balmoral and you pass the test, then consider yourself inside the elite circle. The Balmoral test was showcased on The Crown in the latest season and we see both Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher being tested. Ardverikie estate was used in place of Balmoral and it was the ideal replica thanks to the lush green thicket that surrounded the residence. Those who wish to explore the estate are welcome to do so, however only overnight guests are allowed to tour the Ardverikie Castle. There are numerous little cottages that guests can stay in and they can spend their day participating in activities like trekking, archery and pigeon shooting.

Brocket Hall

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The Kensington Palace is another pivotal royal establishment that is often referred to in The Crown. Given that Kensington Palace is already occupied, Brocket Hall was used to portray the luxurious property. Brocket Hall is one of the most lavish stately homes in England, and it lies just 50 minutes away from central London. Over the past few centuries, Brocket Hall has been home to two British prime ministers and hence have been visited many times by members of the royal family. It has since been transformed into a luxe hotel that has two expansive golf courses. It is a prestigious site for many elite weddings and events, and it also features the second longest dining table in England.